17 August 2015

Walking Again

(for Gretchen)

Despite her effort, walking startled her
Into nausea and then into tears.

In miracles, they say, faith is the cure
And so surely she had touched holy space.

As had the surgeon’s hands and the nurture
Of food and drugs and nurses and helpers.

She forgot the time it took to study
Each first step; she forgot she could have stopped

Anywhere.   Moving forward, she balanced
Her legs between weight, feet and intention. 

Listening to her earthly teacher and
in tune with the One within, she faced fear

And walked through it onto the path that was
There always, waiting for her to reach it.

Still at Manor Care of Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital--
but heading home on Friday!

Copyright © 2015  S.L.Chast


Gail said...

What a triumph!!!! Hot dog! You are walking and going home. I can hear the elation in this piece. It a good poem and fantastic news!

Doctors can only do so much. Your faith, your belief, and God do the rest.

Katrina's mom said...

Few do take so much for granted! Thinking of you!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

It takes faith and courage to keep taking those steps. Love the idea of the path unfolding before her......and that she stepped into holy space. SO happy to hear you are going home - home is best, you will recover well there, my friend.