23 November 2015

Reach the Top Shelf

Image result for SIgnage: Don't dispose of feminine products in the toilet

The sign says “Don’t Dispose of Feminist
Products in the Toilet.”  Oh, it once said
something completely different, but it’s
been years since speed reading femi- led else-
where than to this woman’s way of knowing.

And I nod-grin every time the words
enter my consciousness.  Thank you, Sanit-
ary Workers of  America!  Unite!  We need
reminders to hold Self and Thought and Voice
precious whether alone or together.

How long have I left mine on a top shelf? 
Most recently Black-Lives-Matter actions
bid me take mine down, dust them off and use
them.  Please forgive me, Friends, I say. Help me
to honor truth and faith as in the past.

The sign says “Don’t Dispose of Feminist
Products in the Toilet.”  I nod-grin and
unbend my creaky back to stand upright.
How good to see young people lead, I think,
How good to follow truth as it stands up.

Copyright © 2015  S.L.Chast


kaykuala said...

Well, not much to comment about on such feminine matters. Just thankful there are ladies around in support of men in facing life together, Amen!


Sherry Blue Sky said...

This poem made me nod-grin too, kiddo. I especially like the "feminist products" line and, to the max, "How good to follow truth as it stands up." Though I cant help but see my grandmother's horrified expression were she to see what the ads are like these days - no mystique left anywhere, LOL.

Ella said...

I love your courage and your ending~ I, too can see my grandmother shaking her head!

annell said...

Truth...an elusive fellow...never know for sure, is it yours or is it mine? Does it slip in and out of reality, a Slithery De for sure!

No need to stomp your little foot, and turn red....or blue...truth like a woman, looks different as you turn it in the 'light.'

Perhaps there is really no truth, but sometimes we can get close to it, and drag it off the top shelf.

sreeja harikrishnan said...

Powerful one!!