15 February 2016

About Alice in Wonder, a Novel in Progress

File:Experiments with plants (1905) (20718885772).jpg

A page lingerer, not a page turner
such is the plan, and the outline is done—
green ivy growing diagonally
up the cement block wall—adjusted 
for a higher climax to come before
the vine finishes all of its leafing

I can see its tendrils uncurling in
my mind’s eye, slow motion I say, so I
can follow through on every detail, catch
questions—anticipate them before you,
first reader, climb too high hand over hand,
gripping each page for its dear life.

Visit my vibrant Alice’s domain
allow Alice to show home, mind and heart
meet Miracle Kitty and the full cast
of characters she keeps on shelves, in frames
and buried deep in closeted boxes.
Know this old one has always had wonder.

Copyright © 2016 Susan L. Chast


Sherry Blue Sky said...

I adore this, especially your closing line. Me, too, kiddo.....astonishingly, at times. Smiles.

Mary said...

So glad you are making progress, Susan! I like books that are page lingerers, causing me to read slowly and savor!

Sanaa Rizvi said...

This is absolutely phenomenal....!!