21 April 2016

Double Bind*

File:Heinrich Maria von Hess 001.jpg
Faith, Love, Hope by Heinrich Maria von Hess (1819)

The double message of my Christian faith:
God operates anonymously; and
the One Story is that of Jesus Christ.

And I have seen God act through many who
do not embrace one story: Humans who
stand up for justice peacefully, despite

The laws or greed or hate that drive blood lust
The drought or flood or fire that destroy land
The winds of time and fuels that alter air

And I have seen God act in tame gardens
and wild forests, in animals rescued
or rescuing, in life moving and still

And I have seen Earth spirit hold God’s hands
in rocks and cliffs and temples and houses
whether un-named or named does not matter.

If I don’t claim I’m Christian, what’s the name
but tradition without experience—
righteous-ness akin to terrorism?

What’s in a name?  a magic, wonder, love?
a straight jacket, barbed wire allegiance?
How do we gang up and salute a flag?

Borders un-walled and Lady Liberty,
I always ask "What would Jesus do?" with
your double bind, openness that shuts in.

Poem 21 for April inspired by today's Meditation on Universal Reality by Richard Rohr.  

*Note:  All April poem-a-day poems are rough drafts awaiting revision.

Copyright © 2016 Susan L. Chast

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