18 April 2016

Finding Grace*

When women came together to encamp
for peace and justice, I fell down between
their pentacles and crosses, wove myself
back up again with spider’s silk, and stood
outside to watch the faiths bump together
as if conflict were the only choice. But
one woman knew how to build tolerance
inside the central cabin while a few
stood outside channeling calm love to all
without exception, letting grace in them
connect with grace in each and every one.

When women came together to encamp,
I fell in parts among competing I-
de-o-logies, and I swooped up pieces
to restore a self that needed changing, that
resisted reassembly but welcomed
repair with patches from all sides.  The silk
provided natural fiber to merge
rather than sew the newly formed body,
the me who left to learn just who to be,
how much conflict is necessary to
growth and how much co-operation.

When women came together to encamp
for peace and justice, I propagated
my new ideas from pentacle and cross,
from secular and religious, from home
and foreign parts, and grew a way to clean
the dust from lenses of perception that
prevent humans from finding harmony.
Imagine if the hybrid that grew then
survived and nurtured us like mushroom stew?
Imagine creating meals with native plants
and recipes we know because we meet.

For Day 18 of National Poetry Month.  

*Note:  All April poem-a-day poems are rough drafts awaiting revision.

Copyright © 2016 Susan L. Chast

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