21 November 2016

After the Election

De Alice's Abenteuer im Wunderland Carroll pic 07.jpg
Illustration by John Tenniel

A new ritual emerges
to build safe space
in the well of our fear.

We check-in gingerly
until we hear an equal
devastation and then—

Pour out astonishment
about fascist take-overs
and our less-free world.

Splashing words and strokes
of angst, we dog paddle
toward each other.

We didn’t believe for a minute
did you read, watch, hear
evil find its homeland?

We overlap excitement
at confirmation and warmth
welcoming kindred soul.

And out of moves, we wait
for the call to come—now 
that we are not alone.

After the ritual, we have courage
to preserve the alliances
hard earned over years.

After the ritual, we still have love,
still want justice. We’ll stand up
to fascism, hearts above fear.

Thank you for the prompt, Elizabeth, 
to write about fear and find some 
light for these dark times.

My blog poems are rough drafts. 
Please respect my copyright.

© 2016 Susan L. Chast


soulsmusic said...

Thank you so much for joining in. This is a beautiful piece of writing and a clear description of what each of us has been through. Please post it to a social media,


Sherry Blue Sky said...

YES! I LOVE this! I never dreamed this could arise in North America. But here we are. Most of us still believe in justice, it is good to remember that.

Magaly Guerrero said...

I could dance to your last stanza! And you know what? I think I will!

undercaws.com said...

Yes! We will stand up with words, with live! There is passion in your words Susan. And hope. Thank you. ~Brenda

Martin Kloess said...

How appropriate right now.
Yes we stand and move on

Mary said...

Indeed we DO have to stand up. We cannot rest. We have to fight fascism at every turn.

thotpurge said...

All out of moves, we wait for the call to come... that's the truth right there Susan... a strong poem!

Sumana Roy said...

"Splashing words and strokes
of angst, we dog paddle
toward each other.".....Dire need of the time...

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Very sobering.

brudberg said...

This is exactly what's good. We might disagree on details but the brown dawn is too dangerous not to resist

madhumakhi said...

I love the build-up in this poem. From feeling scared and isolated, from reaching out to other fellow beings, sharing pain with them, to finding strength in each other, and overcoming fear. As they say, there's safety in numbers. As soon as you knock the walls of your well down, the floodgates open , and you realise you're not alone. It's a very emboldening message :)

Old Egg said...

Despite set backs we must still believe that good will conquer evil, love conquer hate and peace be everybody's goal.

blueoran said...

I like the toughness in this, not giving into the immediate burning but in for a long haul of many poems, many outreaching hands welcoming "hearts above fear."

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Indeed, this is not a time to take a backseat, but to stand up and resist, as your final stanza suggests--or shouts!

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Your words tug at the heart and voice out emotions sigh.. may we rise and stand against fascism!

kaykuala said...

And out of moves, we wait
for the call to come—now
that we are not alone

There is the feelings of strength in numbers. One can then react once the various matters are determined! Rightly so Susan!


C.C. said...

"Splashing words and strokes
of angst, we dog paddle
toward each other."

This is so powerfully vivid....and, yes, more than ever now is when we need to be moving towards each other, we need the strength that comes from community.

indybev said...

Such an aptly-worded picture of our present political climate. Love that last stanza!

Truedessa said...

A time of change and our voices must be heard if our children will survive 7 generations from now in a free world.

Wendy Bourke said...

As always: wonderful writing, with a powerful close. I do think, that 'after the ritual' a lot of people who didn't bother voting because they believed that they could "care less" have discovered that they care a lot. That is a good thing and gives me hope.

totomai said...

I agree, love will let all the negativities disappear. We should let our voices continue to heard, even we are in the minority. We support but we guard. A timely piece, Susan

gillena cox said...

Your images are so sharp and spot on. Luv the sequences in your report. Especially Luv the last stanza for its hope faith and action

Thanks for dropping by my Sunday Standard this week

Much love...

ayala said...

We have to stand up...we must not rest...important share.

grapeling said...

yes, we will ~