23 November 2016

Hyper Bully

He must have been a beautiful Bully
     Because DT look at you now.

Details about his childhood are still scarce—
his Uncle John revealed him rough when small
and when thirteen, his parents transferred him
to military school where his leader-
ship ended “after the alleged hazing
of a new freshman in his barracks” by
someone under his own command.  That’s it.*

He must have been a beautiful Bully
     Because DT look at you now.

That’s also the extent of his career
in the military that gave him such
expertise.  How tempting to embroider
tales of alleged mistreatment of classmates!
To imagine him swapping his costume
at night to fascist togs and leading trips
into the fields of bigotry and worse.

He must have been a beautiful Bully
     Because DT look at you now.

But let me err on the side of caution:
Imagine him instead as sensitive
as the small puppy he must have cuddled.
Imagine him unloved and bullied by
his siblings and wanting more of his Mom’s
attention.  Imagine him growing from
success into a man we all could love.

*Donald Trump, From Wikipedia

For Sumana's prompt 

Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Hyperbole (Stretch the Truth)

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© 2016 Susan L. Chast


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Well, that is a stretch....but when I look at his unhappy son, I can picture that young donald whose needs were not met. An intriguing line of thought.

annell said...

There is always more than one way to look at things....and you have presented another.

Rob Jackson said...

I like how it unexpectedly ended positively. Hopefully this is how it will this time. I have a strange feeling that it will.

Gillena Cox said...

very interesting word craft Susan

have a nice Wednesday

much love...

Old Egg said...

This reminds me of the movie "Citizen Kane" with Orson Welles when the love of his boyhood was his sled "Rosebud" whose name he whispers on his deathbed with people wondering who this unnamed woman was in his life. Hopefully there is more to discover in the next president of the US.

Anonymous said...

A well written cry of one no one would listen to.

Anonymous said...

Interesting point of view there Susan...

totomai said...

Clever title, Susan! Made me smile actually. A beautiful bully - can get other's attention - not sure if it's a good thing or not though.

Mary said...

Hard to imagine him growing into a man we could all love. Perhaps he was bullied as a child though....and perhaps he learned the techniques from watching someone else in his life, but he definitely has grown into a role model for bullies. I guess the biggest hyperbole I see in your poem is him cuddling a small puppy....nope, can't picture that!

Sanaa Rizvi said...

I absolutely love this! You totally rocked the prompt Susan ❤️

Sumana Roy said...

these two words are enough for blood curdling...heaven knows what he's up to now...

Panchali said...

Thought provoking write up and extremely relevant in today's situation!

Nicholas V said...

Hmmmm, now why did this remind me of Hitler's youth when he was trying to be an artist painting innocuous landscapes with gentle watercolours until the critics tore him to shreds and he became a demented dictator who murdered millions instead?....