26 December 2016

What the Drawing Shows

It’s easier to draw than to use words
whose fragile bones break under meaning’s weight.

The faces from our morning prayer circle—
solid, unbreakable—stand in crayon.

Multiplied by those we hold in the light,
two look like twenty, water becomes wine.

Colors pile up as God’s own voices, drum
their welcome through hearts’ thin and trembling walls.

We hear the truth in form and weight so draw
race in as religious warfare—

That’s all, a dreadful gamble for power—
but white on white disappears in wax wings.

It flies too tight in formation.
It cannot be torn off, cannot melt.

Only other colors reveal white as
useful, necessary and beautiful.

In turn, white exposes the power and
beauty and necessity of color. 

These broken words may not carry vision
clearly.  To walk, vision needs stronger bones.

My blog poems are rough drafts.
Please respect my copyright.

© 2016 Susan L. Chast

1 comment:

Martin Kloess said...

As individuals we take in the colors for our light Thank you for the guidance