02 December 2016

Who Is the Thief who Stole our Time?

My time’s been running out since we voted—
I mean, time’s lost, as in time is stolen.
Have you not felt it leave?  Not time passing
or aging, not feeling we’ve just lost a fight
(though that is true) but like time slipped away.

There used to be more time to do things in
but hours are gone so there’s less time to meet
and greet and eat when on our feet—
less time to sleep.  Truly, I could—will—weep
for lack of joy and promises to keep.

Because with time goes peace of mind and plans
to resurrect my Christmas tree.  I will
not mail out cards and gifts—no time—will not
call friends afar, or see them here.  Too rare
the rest between the fear and restlessness.

I still wish time was here to share yule cheer
and beer, to sing carols and build snow deer
in our empty front yards—but we’ve no time
to share since thieves stole seconds from our hands,
minutes from minds and hours from our hearts.

I am sad to say I've missed several of Elizabeth's prompts at 1sojournal, and this is my attempt at her Creativity Challenge Day 11 for the writer/artist to choose a word and expand on how it fills and unfills experience of now.  I'm paraphrasing, so visit the link.  Today is really the 12th day when the prompt is "diversity"—something I'll think about tomorrow (which rather speeds than creeps along). Sigh.

My blog poems are rough drafts.
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© 2016 Susan L. Chast


Samyuktha Jayaprakash said...

Too rare
the rest between the fear and restlessness.

Hope you make peace soon.

kaykuala said...

but we’ve no time to
share since thieves stole
seconds from our hands

Time management does not come into play here. It is more of how one makes a bidding for utilising all the time in the world for useful undertakings. Time is available but many tend to while away doing nothing while still complaining not having enough time. Thoughtful take Susan!


Sherry Blue Sky said...

I resonate with "Truly I could - will - weep / for lack of joy and promises to keep." Love that. I feel the same way - each week goes by like a conveyor belt and I keep finding myself at Friday, with not much to show for it. Sigh. Loved this poem.

Martin Kloess said...

You know this is an important topic for me. I have shared your wonderful words that a few more may receive your gift.

an-image said...

Am with you here, Susan. Time seems to have taken a leap forward, and an incredibly huge giant step backward. But, I am finding that the Challenge has, in some strange way, allowed me to stay far more steady and even-keeled. It is a daily reminder of who I am and have always been about. I am all I have to hang onto in these times of stress and upheaval. Writing soothes my soul, allows me to breathe, and get on with whatever getting on I must do. I would encourage anyone to do so. Thanks so much for chiming in and I have no problems with where you choose to do that. It is all good. It is all relevant, just as your poem is.


soulsmusic said...

My first attempt to respond seems to have gone missing. Thanks so much for joining in. I really like your honesty and agree with your thoughts on Time completely,