07 February 2017

They Shoot Bears, Don't They?

When bears enter our classrooms, we pull out our guns and raise
a prayer of praise for government more prescient than ever.

When several bombs go off in open markets, we curse terrorists
and send up prayers of gratitude to the first president
who knows more than national security justly could.

God forbid we suspect events arrange themselves to fit
Alternative Facts and solidify mortal power—
for these are portentous days that show white gods still take charge
and openly support oppressive inequality.

How could we love democracy more than rising profit?
How could we prefer rising smoke of incense over wealth?
How could we love neighbors and strangers more than gods?
How could we love children thriving over power winning?
How could we prefer immigrants to "America First"?

We used to hide our pain at gross moral contradictions
but band together now to teach each other and to learn
to march and raise truth up where if "they" kill us the whole world
will see, where gag orders can’t keep true truth from crossing seas.

We turn over buried stories these days and restore our
history, we declare sanctuary, we open temples
to all, faithful or not, preserving human dignity.

We grieve our blindness, study kindness, plan non-violent
strategies to transform our thoughts into reality.

We won’t shoot bears. We won’t deify racial profiling.

(On the Confirmation of Education Secretary Betsy De Voss)

My blog poems are rough drafts.
Please respect my copyright.

© 2017 Susan L. Chast


Mama Zen said...

The confirmation of De Voss may be the thing that finally causes me to lose all faith and hope for any sort of integrity in government.

indybev said...

Your words so aptly address the current political miasma, heartfelt and earnest, seeking light at the end of the tunnel. Well said!