09 April 2017

Landscapes and Messeges

Judean hills, photo David Shankbone

Two messages of hope just trickled in
like icicles’ first melt in Spring.  Of course,
it’s much later than that right now, maybe
too late for survival, but still there’s time
for years of peace before the Fire, the Flood,
the ramifications of Not Talking.

Hope poetry—the messenger ravens
of our age—blessed me with peaceful recall
and long sight from the hill and tree tops that
stand.  Two poems blast me for giving up my walks,
insulating myself with just one window
open to read what still compels goodness:

Interactive compositions in grey,
and green and blue still unite me and you.

(April is International Poetry Month.)

My blog poems are rough drafts.   
Please respect my copyright. 
© 2017 Susan L. Chast


Mary said...

We really have to take those message of hope to our heart when we find them! Wherever we find them..

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love the whole idea of hope poetry. Adore the "messenger ravens"! The just one window reminds me of a Buddhist who gave a took many years ago, saying sometimes we look out a small window and all we can see are dark clouds. But if we expand our vision to look at the whole sky - through a much larger "window" - we can see the patches of blue with the sun peeking through. I think we need our big windows now.

Martin Kloess said...

Thank you so much for turning our windows to hope