22 April 2017

One Day, Dedicated to Earth

Mobilize the Earth shirt (Patagonia)

Earth, let me wrap my arms around you
And thank you for faithfully turning, for
Retaining what elements you can and for
Trusting me for a while--O!  and
 Holding me gently, without malice. 
Dear One,
Accept my heart, though it can't save
You.  Not anymore.

Let me sharE your faithfulness
                                                                              And your fate.
                                                                No matteR if first be water or fire,
                                                                          cerTainly atmosphere will follow
                                                          because EartH, you must be last. 
                                  Friends are trying to Delay the end
                                                                               As long as possible
                                                            hoping that You will rally and recover.

After we are gonE
Live if you are able.  A
prayer we carry is that youR
heart is stronger than ours, thaT
our demise will restore your healtH
Today we finally yielD
to you ALL the love from our fourth chakrA
praying it is not too late to extend your storY


(April is International Poetry Month.)

My blog poems are rough drafts.   
Please respect my copyright. 
© 2017 Susan L. Chast


Martin Kloess said...

I don't have to tell you how great this is. Thank you for remembering those working hard for our Mother.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I. Adore. This. poem/prayer. Totally love it.

Peter Chast said...

I like that.