02 May 2017

We Should Speak Out


Listen to sounds from letters on this page
and you will hear whispers from words that shriek
within still bodies who imagine they
are growing taller wider stronger louder
and forcefully present as injustice
attempts to reign and kill and maim.  Stop Now!

Listen to sounds from Letters on this Page:
So many messages they want to march
as alphabets forming and reforming
into commandments: All Life Is Precious.
Black Lives Matter.  Water is Life.  What Wall
is there between These Truths and Power’s Ears?
Let this be writing on the wall:  Stop Now!

You say speak out.  We. Are.  Now turn our words
into compulsive change, into the seeds
whose growth will take over the garden
and make its fruits powerful catalysts.
Let them grow now, before "TOO LATE" becomes
the truth and these letters lament defeat.

A, B.  C, D and E, F, G.   H. I. 
J. K. L. M. And No and Oh!  And P.
Q, R.  S, T.   And U.  And V.  And Who?
And Where?  And Y.  And Z.   And now, again! 
And these are just the English letters.  Do
you hear the sounds around the world?  Let's Pray.

Listen to Sounds from Letters on Pages
Representing Prayers and Pleas, the Screams
from Silent Power, Heartbeats, Drums and Blood.
Turn us into the Craft of Hands who Carve
and Shape and Manifest the Peaceful Troops
Who March Their Messages Into Power.

My blog poems are rough drafts.   
Please respect my copyright. 
© 2017 Susan L. Chast


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Way to speak Truth to Power! I love "What Wall is there between These Truths and Power's Ears?" Let the seeds grow, indeed, before it is too late. Oh that closing stanza is stirring. It is a march, and a prayer. A wonderful write, Susan!

Therisa's World said...

Sadly, apathy is the most likely response, by those, in power, to your plea, Susan. To do otherwise means giving up some of their base of power, to those, they view, as destructive to their philosophic view on life and good governess.

Martin Kloess said...

Oh, that more can't be inspired by your words. (but maybe)