13 August 2017

Winning Our Civil War

light that tamed darkness—
seems villainous now
that fascism reigns.

Taking down statues
is a weak response
to dissolving statutes
that protected all.

Instead, let’s drape them
in black mourning cloth--
reveal the scars they
made in bright plazas.

We’ve pretended that
symbols have little
power, and we pretend
no more, but stand up

and drape our cloth as
another layer
of grief and volume
replacing silence.

In public—here and now—
we reveal disease
is the heart of hate
and hold hands to heal.

We shall not be moved
into white liberation—
never again let
our neighbors be used.

To be civilized
we need both darkness
and light.  We will end
civil wars and last—

or continue to
fight democracy
and lose the last shred
of our sanity.

Note: Draping with black cloth is an action borrowed from the earliest World AIDS day (December First, since 1988), where the action symbolized what we lost in senseless AIDS deaths. Draping statues that honor our white supremacist past, symbolizes the oppositethat we still have to lose a limb or more to rid ourselves of racism.

My blog poems are rough drafts. 
Please respect my copyright. 
© 2017 Susan L. Chast


Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love the idea of draping the statues in black. This is a most beautiful and loving poem. I especially feel the underlying disease you speak of, which is now laid bare. Ready for the surgeon's knife and, hopefully , healing, though the prognosis looks dismal at this moment.

Martin Kloess said...

What a great idea! Racism and Classism are big challenges to be overcome, not fed.