29 November 2017

Bittersweet Tango

 Bittersweet adds a pop of color to an otherwise drab winter. . . . 
(Photo and caption by 

Let's tango like there’s no tomorrow.  Let's converse
in dance, walk arms entangled, improvise romance.

Bittersweet leans on its plant friend as a scaffold,
tangling and strangling it--yes--in lust for growth.

Closeness may have a price, but it takes a looong time
for holders-on to dominate and age and kill.

At first, two walk and talk. Romance ensues, pairing
green leaves with orange, red, and yellow blooms and fruits.

Here is autumn in early summer! and certain
winter, yes.  Love weighs heavily on a life time.

And yet, come on!  What is time worth without the dance?
Without visual delights to surprise hungry eyes?

Let's take the risk, my friend, and grow upon each other.
Let's take the bitter with the sweet, and tango.

For my prompt at Poets United.

My blog poems are rough drafts. 
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© 2017 Susan L. Chast


Sumana Roy said...

I love "Let's tango like there’s no tomorrow." & "lust for growth" & of course the final line.

X said...

Life is bittersweat. Love can definitely be bitter sweet. But true loves and friends know this. So good or not they are there.

I really like the personification of bittersweet leaning on the plant choking it out. It does take time.

I think a key is getting beyond our feelings in the moment and realizing something much deeper.

Mary said...

This is a stunning poem, Susan. Yes, indeed love can sometimes be bittersweet. The dance and the closeness does not always go as one thought (and sometimes if it does it will end anyway as all dances must), but sometimes one does not know this for a long time. Meanwhile, the dance is to be enjoyed - the walk and the talk - the smiles and the intimacy. The music and the rhythm of life. Never mind autumn comes. The sweet and eventually the bitter. But the dance - oh the dance - wasn't it worth it!! What really is life without the opporrtunity to tango! As if there is no tomorrow.

Thotpurge said...

love weighs heavily on a lifetime..oh that will stay with me forever.. beautiful.

Gillena Cox said...

There is a wise Yin and Yang approach to your invitation to the dance of life. Indeed i enjoyed this write

Have a nice Wednesday

much love...

rallentanda said...

This is a beautiful poem full of optimism and hope. On a personal note I am all tango'd out....Drama will be something I only watch on tv from now on:) Enjoyed your poem.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

My goodness this is absolutely breathtaking, Susan!💞 Especially love; "Here is autumn in early summer! and certain winter, yes. Love weighs heavily on a life time." Beautifully executed.💞

J. T said...

i like the idea of taking the bittersweet and just tango for joy! love this poem of happiness!

annell said...

I think you are right, relationships are often bittersweet.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love the taking the risk, the growing upon one another. A gift, a comfort, when it is achieved.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Who could resist such an enticing invitation?

indybev said...

My mad tangos are long in the past now, but I loved your poem! I have to say, however, that the phrase to "grow upon one another" was somehow unsettling to me, as it made me think of a fungus somehow! Probably good that my tangos are in the past, I guess!

Old Egg said...

There is certainly a risk growing a poisonous plant in the garden! However that is life isn't it? It is why I climbed trees when a child (and fell once too!) and other foolish things. Let no one say that you have had a boring life.

Panchali said...

I love this!!!
"Let's take the risk, my friend, and grow upon each other.
Let's take the bitter with the sweet, and tango."
Brilliant! It just accelerate the whole learning process.Truly inspiring piece, Susan....
Real issue is that most of those painful memories are hidden, and are 'working' just at the sub-conscious level. Mindfulness can release them. So, release...release!!

Sarah Russell said...

I love how you have equated the plants with love and the final strangulation, and wrapped it all up in a tango. Perfect!

Sara McNulty said...

Life and love are always bittersweet. You have captured this beautifully. And what better representation of both, than the tango!