31 March 2018

Scarcity and Love

Aubrey Beardsley - Pierrot 1.jpg
"Pierrot's Library" by Aubrey Beardsley (1896)

At twelve, she worried that
shampoo would disappear,
and hoarded her shampoo
against a loss—despite
the fact that water might
be lost before beauty.

At twenty-eight, she stashed
colored pencils and pens
in cracked ceramic bowls
and mugs among her books. 
Should paper disappear
she’d write in margins.

At sixty, with no time
to spare and scarcity
of hair, she tossed dried up
pens, sharpened pencil ends,
rinsed broken cups and brewed
up chamomile-mint tea.

At eighty, she still serves
tea with ginger snaps and 
conversation around 
her library table.
No one leaves without their
doggy-bagged books to go.

She no longer believes
in scarcity, long life
has taught her much. It is
that’s rare—so she plants it
there, and watches it grow.

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