30 April 2018

April 28, 29 and 30.


The last three days of the April Challenge, I write in a retreat on Embracing the Power of Paradox: 

(1)  Hearing Good News

Wholeness and happiness—
those secrets you hold like
warmth inside an igloo—
make your help possible.

Must you hide them? I would
smile with you even though
I lie here dying.  Love
out loud. Let me touch it.


(2) Five Haiku upon Seeing a Japanese Mended Vase

Since you went away
I’ve repaired my broken heart
with Golden sun kisses.

It’s not like before.
Gold fills the scars preciously
and cools in the shade.

I am like an old tree—
knots and growths and parasites
are my adornment.

Each year I am stronger,
my cracks lovingly blended.
Your time was one piece.

The growth around you
is caress-like.  I’ve no regrets
My branches spread wide.


(3)  After Thoughts

Regrets non-existent, relief remains.
Look at the pillows smiling and candle
flames twinkling, fruit enticing.  We frame
the picture, take it, draw our tiredness
into embraces.  I look for my phone
and don’t have it.  Panic blocks out the gifts
of –-.  No—!  
Ask instead what is offered
to me through this moment.  I sit and miss
a beat.  I envision where I left it,
plugged in and forgotten at home.  I breathe.
The gift is a day like those of old when no
cell phone tugs at my awareness.  Oh, wow.
A pattern shatters. I let panic go
and tell no one. 
But the gifts keep coming
as someone brings water and another
offers me a ride home.  My phone and I
will be re-united soon.  I can put
it out of mind and return to the pillows
smiling.  They are round footstools of comfort.
A blanket softens the chair, and so I lean
back, lift my feet, listen.  Look at the room
enticing, candles twinkling.  No regrets.


My blog poems are rough drafts. 
Please respect my copyright. 

© 2018 Susan L. Chast

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