25 April 2018

Being Quaker: Always becoming faithful

Quaker Speak, a project of Friends Journal

What can I say about a faith
invisible, about God who 
creates all that's seen and
heard, all that's available to 
senses, to reason and to soul?
About creation inseparable
from the creator, whose right hand
is the left hand, inside is out
and outside is in? Only that
behind illusion is great love
that is the cause and the effect.

Only that we sit in silence
that ripples with potential and 
challenges us to acknowledge
our calling, then raise it into
a ministry.  Only that now
springtime lifts leaves into bright greens,
and I can see azalea buds
pressing into the window pane
as they bloom pink.  Only that sweat
emerges from the effort of
being calm, becoming faith-filled.

I write poems that don't speak Quaker,
but speak from the Quaker in me.
I am shot full of boldness from
dwelling ever more and more 
in God light, and from walking and 
talking with Jesus like the friends
we are.  Looking at the blooming
azaleas, I fill with wonder
and close my eyes.  Thank you for spring,
I ground with surging gratitude,
paradoxically faithful.

My blog poems are rough drafts. 
Please respect my copyright. 

© 2018 Susan L. Chast

1 comment:

Sherry Marr said...

The Quaker faith has always appealed to me. I so enjoyed this poem, especially "I write poems that dont speak Quaker, but speak from the Quaker in me." Cool.