17 April 2018

Catching up with April poetry: days 16 and 15

File:Reaching the Surface - panoramio.jpg
Reaching the Surface

Day Sixteen idea-of-play prompt at NaPoWriMo:

To Play or Not to Play?

 The play’s the thing
Wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king.
~Shakespeare, Hamlet

Playing reveals the truth
like water does bubbles—
no one can hide the gas. 
Neither king nor child can
resist.  If once they let down
their guard, truth will out.

Then play a game of blind
man’s bluff—or hide and seek.
As long as play begins
with protagonist and
antagonist, there will be
an end.  Truth will out.

On playground, on playing
field, and on the stage—
around the dinner table,
too—and in the game
between me and you—there is
no doubt.  Truth will out.


Day Fifteen humanize-a-villain prompt at NaPoWriMo:

Goldilocks Escapes Again

The bears came home and
found me there in bed.
I’ve never run this
fast, never been so
surprised!  I thought I
was a master thief,
and here I'm found
sleeping on the job.


Those three long faces!
I nearly laughed, but
ran instead.  They’ll
probably call cops.
And child services. 
I broke in, entered,
and stole. I’m truant.
I’m in big trouble.


But I’m hungry and
cold. I’m tired and scared.
That house was so warm,
and the porridge smelled
divine.  It feels good 
down in my stomach,
energizing me. 
Oh, it was worth it.



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