21 April 2018

Mirror, Mirror Revisited or How Will a Forest Grow?

an idea for a poem--day 20 NaPoWriMo

File:Help end demonstrations LCCN2016648568.tif
Source (1965-75)

Looking in their fifty-year mirror, they see us—
          grandparents—what we tried and failed to do.
Five decades ago we marched for free speech, against
war and our government’s hypocrisy.
Now children are “doing it for themselves” again--
marching for their lives against violence.
Where we failed to raise kinship (despite MLK),
and founded identity politics—
They marry school massacres to police shootings
and neighborhood un-safety.
Looking in this fifty-year mirror, we find hope
stir again. We see fire instead of ash.
Our attention turns to the seeds buried under
          the burnt forests, to seeds and how they sprout.
Did we nurture them? Did they emerge despite us?
          Did we at least expose the enemy?
More importantly, will we support them now,
          or want to remain “fairest of them all”?

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© 2018 Susan L. Chast

1 comment:

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love the voices of these kids. They see just how bad things are, but are trying to change things. They are not bought and paid for by corporations, their motives are pure. They are unafraid to speak truth. I hope they are well supported. Truly, everyone should be in the streets these days.