11 April 2018

Reaching Past the Probable

Crystal Ball

My crystal ball has malfunctioned
along with everything else
photographic and digital.

Images are wider than screens
and colors run outside the lines.
We guess at what is out of sight.

We have experience and faith
to see with, lenses untamed by
sciences and bureaucracies.

I’ve heard that once upon a time—
before Darwin and Freud—this duel
lens fed invention and progress.

If, if—ah, a small fantasy—
we could return then, to when
factory production began.

Imagine progress with caution,
progress attentive to right use
of resources and care of waste.

Imagine that as our future,
not impossible but simply
out of range with our faulty screens.

We have experience and faith
to work with, wisdom untamed by
sciences and bureaucracy.

We’re told it would take miracles,
and so let's put aside crystal
and roll up proverbial sleeves.

We are—we can be miracles.
See how other live beings
regenerate every spring?

For Sumana's Prompt 

Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Vision

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