18 April 2018

What Protects the Heart

File:Blausen 0467 HeartLocation.png

Breathing pains my heart cage.
Bridge it. Arch it.
R-e-a-l   S-l-o-w.

Can’t think how I
hurt myself.  All I do
is skim the news,
think, pray, and write.

My sides ache when I breathe.
Maybe I'm just
old. I push on.
Any day I wake up
is good.

Prompted by John PaulDear's "Write Here. Write Now" at Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads.

Note: I disabled comments for most of April 2018, International Poetry Writing Month, because I am trying to write and post daily and experiment with prompts from other sites.  If you wish to make specific constructive comments, I would be delighted to exchange emails. (Right click on email in my profile.) You can also leave comments on my facebook page where this poem is posted.  

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