11 May 2018

Preparing to Seize the Day

File:Universal view of the Moon, Earth, Sun and the Milky Way Galaxy.png
View from Earth with the Moon, the Sun and the Milky Way Galaxy aligned.
Pablo Carlos Budassi

To dream, you’d have to sleep much more
than down and up in two hours—
not enough for rem-time, not enough to balance 
the fifteen-hour days that follow. 

Remember when you fell asleep
at twilight and woke up at dawn? 
Childhood and saving electric, they said,
the bills coming faster than they could pay.

But think of the lesson it could have been
(you who think you are smart but miss the point).
Nature’s time, little flower: Let your eyes close
when the sun is out of sight and sleep until it rises.  

Close like day lily petals. There will be more 
of you to open up each time the sun and moon rotate 
around our spinning planet in delicately-timed 
authenticity. A magnificent design.

Imagine moving with it, repairing the tears 
in your dear soul, the rips in your petals, 
the lapses in your sensuality.  What then, 
little flower, might you do when you awake?  

Remember dew drops?  Robins and worms?  
Greys and pinks in the cloud-lined daybreak? And dreams?  
You fear them, but remember how you woke and laughed 
or sobbed, and how sweet the day rose ahead of you.

My blog poems are rough drafts. 
Please respect my copyright. 

© 2018 Susan L. Chast

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Sherry Marr said...

This is such a beautiful read....I love the remembering of those long evenings of childhood, love "close like day lily petals". Adore the last two stanzas especially. A gorgeous poem.