11 June 2018

Another Bird Poem

Listening to songbirds, I miss my cue to sleep.
Sunrise is still hours away, yet they call me
from out of solitude.  They insist I join them.

They lead me toward the sunrise skybright with moon
along earth’s pull.  First low, we climb above the roofs
effortlessly.  I cannot see my wings, but fly.

My shoulder blades grow strong against the density
of air. My eyes see further in upper layers.
Brothers and sisters lead me, altogether bird.

From height and speed, joy bursts till we descend and perch 
to sing.  Listen, Love, Listen, Love!  The birds proclaim, 
mouths open wide, flute puffs of sound. Move! Fly! Join in.

They sing for family and joy.  They sing louder
for territory and loyal subjects.  Secret 
royalty, they call.  Few hear and fewer obey.

Or maybe this is my dream fantasy, and they
are paupers rather than princes.  By night, by day,
I try but fail to see through their humble disguise.

They flick their tails and turn their backs. They fly. Stop. Sing.
It isn’t with your eyes you see, they seem to say. 
They glide along earth’s rotation through sky bright love.  

Posted for Poetry Pantry #414
 Inspired by Sherry's feature at Poets United:

Poems of the Week by Rajani, Sarah and Carrie

My blog poems are rough drafts. 
Please respect my copyright. 

© 2018 Susan L. Chast


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh my goodness! I love this so much i want to scoop it and add it to the feature lol. Too many wonderful images and lines to quote. My new favourite of yours......maybe of all time!

kaykuala said...

They sing for family and joy. They sing louder
for territory and loyal subjects. Secret
royalty, they call. Few hear and fewer obey

How noble are the birds doing everything for others yet remaining the status quo for themselves! Rightly so Susan! And worst, they are not given the appreciation that they should get!


Sumana Roy said...

"They flick their tails and turn their backs. They fly. Stop. Sing."...I think we need to do this sometimes. Love this poem.

brudberg said...

There is something so magic about this... a dreamlike state of those birds that pull you out. Really like how different it seems in the end when they are leaving, as if night would be solution from the day.

Gillena Cox said...

Oh I luv blackbirds. Our Grackles are thoroughly black. They have black beaks also

An enchanting poem
Thanks for dropping by my Sunday Standard today

much love...

Gillena Cox said...

Awesome video

much love...

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I LOVE a poem with blackbirds in it! I think they might well be the richest paupers in the world, for everything shiny is theirs. I love "I cannot see my wings, but fly".

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Also...."It isnt with your eyes you see."

Mary said...

Beautiful. You really DO have a strong relationship with birds. Heart-felt!

Old Egg said...

They certainly are the most engaging of birds, and ones that seem to tolerate us as well. What justice you have done to them in this beautiful poem.

Truedessa said...

As I was reading this poem, I was struck with the dream like qualities it possesses. There is wisdom and a sense of mystery. This is one I need to read a couple of times to fully see the dream.

Wendy Bourke said...

A well constructed, brilliantly rendered piece. Nuanced and layered with a myriad of delicious metaphorical directions to go in. THIS IS POETRY!

Sumana Roy said...

"It isn’t with your eyes you see, they seem to say."...They are wise. I love how the call comes from solitude and you obey. Aha...What's the use of wings when we can fly without them? Such lovely pearls of wisdom!

Sanaa Rizvi said...

My goodness this is absolutely stunning, Susan 💞 I agree "It isn’t with your eyes you see."😊

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Gorgeous! And I love the sense of triumph.

annell said...

A lovely poem, a dream in the telling.

dsnake1 said...

"I cannot see my wings, but fly." - oh wow!
there is a certain dreamlike feel to this poem. one does not feel jaded reading this work over again. the birds will thank you for this poem. :)

Magaly Guerrero said...

I am in love with this, Susan... with the lyrical tone of the poetic song, with the images, with the deductions made by the speaker, by the lovely dance between human and nature and living... between the reasons for doing and for being.

Love it all.