04 July 2018

Lady Liberty's Torch Song*


Danger. Do not enter.

     Believe me, it is not 
safety keeps visitors
out of my torch.  In
it, my voice is loud
and no one can forget
I am Mother of Exiles. 

I am Mother of Exiles.

     You block my welcome,
douse my enlightened soul,
repress the historic
United States and French
wars of liberation,
smother reality.

You smother what can be.

     A pride-less Colossus
of Broken Covenants,
I guard the locked doors
of harbors and prisons.
I watch you build walls
to stop the flow of life.

You stop the flow of life.

     Horror enters anyway.
It gnaws at your humanity.
It eats your eyes and hearts.
Horror swallows your screams
and tears. It laughs at your
flower arrangements.

I am Mother of Exiles.

     My eyes, carved open, can't
un-see my children starve
and cower in fear, while
horror fattens on meals
meant to welcome exiles
to freedom and happiness.

Welcome to Happiness.

     Enter my torch.  At first 
observe and hear, then 
relight my lamp. Reclaim
your Mother, feel her joy.
Better borders should fall
than we let our light die.

* "torch song is a sentimental love songtypically 
one in which the singer laments an unrequited or lost love . . . ."

My blog poems are rough drafts. 
Please respect my copyright. 

© 2018 Susan L. Chast


Jae Rose said...

A great take on the prompt

annell4 said...

It is a sad story, "shame" is the theme.

Sumana Roy said...

What to say...Hope good sense prevails. 'Welcome to Happiness'...May this be the motto of every country. A beautiful poem.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

This is just so excellent. I love "Mother of Exiles". Indeed, she is. The whole fabric of American life is built on that principle. It is why I cant believe what is happening now. Your closing lines say it all: we cannot let our light die. So true about the Colossus of Broken Covenants empty of all humanity, losing its soul as it feeds and fattens. I LOVE this poem!

Vivian Zems said...

A poignant song indeed. May she return to her God- given duties before long. Beautifully done 😊

Therisa's World said...

Maybe, one day we will realize the true monsters, are those within ourselves. In the way, we treat each with such disdain for life and love.

Mary said...

Sad that there must now be signs of Danger: Do not enter for those who approach our shores. What has become of this land which once welcomed exiles. Walls will replace her as being symbolic of what our country has become. Both of your poems awe me, Susan. You ARE a poet. Both should have a wider audience.