08 July 2018

What Did You Do this Week?


This week? 
Wore clothes, washed laundry. 
Some weeks are exactly like: Use dishes, wash dishes,
repeat. And wake up, go to sleep, wake up,
go back to bed.  But then, the sun also
rises and sets, rises and sets again.
And breath goes in and out, and hearts bu-bump
bu-bump, bu-bump.  Perk up with such nurture
of blood and breath and food and drink and crap—
and food and drink and pee, and wake and sleep—
and one and two and three and four, and one.

This week?
Awareness of lifespan longer
than mosquitos and mice, with ample time
between repetitions for un-patterned
actions, relaxed seconds here and there for
catching a break and casting an idea.
How long can we keep this going?  Dragon-
flies get four months, and houseflies get four weeks.
Mayflies have only twenty-four hours.
We have just long enough to learn, create,
converse, commune, advance and inspire.

I wanted to express the idea in here that we differ from the sun and breath, etc, by variations between the beats being desirable, while we want the former to stay the same.  We hope they don't get bored with the same-old, same-old--while we want humans, to a certain extent, to vary and change. But that would take another stanza--and I'd have to find a way to put in that in matters of romance, less changeability is desirable--that we want and deserve, to some extent reliability and grooves, and to be able to take the relationship for granted like breath and heartbeats and the sun.  Don't know when and where to put that.  This poem is half done.

My blog poems are rough drafts. 
Please respect my copyright. 

© 2018 Susan L. Chast


Peter Chast said...

Interesting, bright comment.

Therisa's World said...

If this, was my life, Susan, I would try to give Venus, Star, and Squeak more time to play and relax with each other. While being more productive with my various writings. Have so many projects that I have started and abandoned. Sigh.

Mary said...

You have described life as it is. So much is repetitive, but mostly we adjust to and thrive in the repetition. It also IS good to keep in mind our lifespan. We have a long one - comparatively - time to learn, create, etc. We must remember this when we consider our life's value. So much we CAN take for granted, but yet there are so many ways we can input as well. Poem appears more than HALF done to me. Smiles.

Sherry Marr said...

I think I like the commentary even more than the poem. I really fel the sameness of my days, now that life has slowed down. I rather love it. I hope mayflies have a lot of meaningful interaction in their 24 hours. Wow.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Yes that's being human.. 💜 we are constantly searching for answers that are unattainable. We make mistakes.. we fall we get up and we learn. Amdist all the chaos and confusion that is our world.. we discover the person we are meant to be and the role we are supposed to play.

Sometimes life seems mudane.. there are days when we think oh my god is it even worth it? Some days fly by fast while some seem not to pass.. I believe it is our heart that gets us through in the end 💜

Carrie Van Horn said...

All the little repetitive things we do are all important parts that make of our lives and all the big things in them. I love the commentary at the en and how it adds and builds upon your poem. Thought provoking and true to the human spirit. We do inspire, you inspire many Susan. I know you inspire me!!

Old Egg said...

Yes we have plenty of time but sadly that is a curse, for humankind gets up to all kind of mischief in their lives other than do what they are fashioned to do. I couldn't think of one thing that these long lived mammals have done to inprove the Earth or enhance the lives of creatures living on it.

dsnake1 said...

the first stanza sounds like a heartbeat.
sometimes i wonder how much time i have wasted...

R.K. Garon said...

Sounds like a perfect week...

Sarah Russell said...

I agree with Sherry. I love your explanation too. This being human business really is a lot of repetition with moments of real joy or sorrow.

Magaly Guerrero said...

I love the final note so much. Because yes, the first stanza is correct, we do live day after day after day in a circle that looks almost the same if looked from the surface. It's when we take the time to appreciate that we can enjoy a piece of fresh fruit, wash a dish with clean water, sleep in a comfy bed, take the mentioned crap without pain, laugh at the fact that I just said "crap" aloud (we Crohnies say crap a lot), have the time and drive to write a share words... it's when we look at all those (often camouflaged) little miracles that we realize just how amazing being us truly is... day after day after day...

Thotpurge said...

unpatterned actions... and .. just long enough... both lines look at me with anguish... I have to break down yesterday, today, tomorrow to see the matrix of repetitions and unpatterned actions...what counts...and then you talk of love that has to be both and for which time is never enough. Your poem has woken up my flu stuffed brain this morning Susan...thank you.

annell said...

I like a poem that is half done, as it hold all the possibilities. Never say it all, leave some for yesterday, tomorrow or sometime way in the future. I enjoyed your poem.

gillena cox said...

Within what seem like the mundane. We are seeking growing and learning. But yes rhythms do seem to overide everything even sunrises and sunsets.

Thanks for dropping by my Sunday Standard this week


rallentanda said...

All the minutiae and repetitve details of life are really the important things.If you can derive pleasure from these then you have won the life game.

kaykuala said...

We have just long enough to learn, create,
converse, commune, advance and inspire.

Yes, make full use of the limited resources that one has! Very wise close, Susan!


Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

The poem feels complete to me. I wonder if additional ideas are really another poem? Maybe the second in a sequence of two?