19 August 2019

Poetic Justice


A poet with a swollen tongue can't speak:
Neither gems nor toads, nor terrain between
reveal the truths simmering in her heart.

Or is her soul totally empty now? 
After hours of streaming entertainment
dully watching season after season.

Life-like, the serials provide suspense:
Plots pick political events from news
where the precipice of war is quite near.

Best scenario trade-offs or else death:
And all so some world leader can save face—
This fodder is the new poetic truth.

The poet sits holding her swollen tongue:
Pressed down she can take in air and say “ahh,”
nothing more.  Her remaining thought's unsung.

My blog poems are rough drafts.
Please respect my copyright.
If you quote, credit this page.
© 2019 Susan L. Chast

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