02 April 2012

Finding You

A moment, those 5 days reduced to one
open-eyed communication of "I am here."
And how lucky that was even as much as
a 4-leaf clover in a field of spring growth
before Gaea and Hestia cook supper
and we pray for fecundity.
At the same Table.  We.
Lucky moment even as much as finding forevermore
in a marriage ceremony and see-ya-later
in a breakfast roll, in a forget-me-not.
O Love, do you think? 

Originally written for NaPoWriMo on 5/2/2012, I am re-posting this poem for "Poets United: Poetry Pantry #102" where my blog(s) have just joined the roll call.  This poem leaves a lot out, but I think "I am here" and want to know, really.

Copyright © 2012 S.L.Chast


Laura said...

"and we pray for fecundity.
At the same Table." oooh tasty morsels in this poem.

Susan said...

Thank you. Enjoy the meal!

Brother Ollie said...

nice work - I like your use of allusion

Susan said...

Thank you, Old Ollie.