18 September 2014

Hold On

Rosa gallica Evêque, painted by Redouté

Give me a minute
to discern how to
hold on when rose thorns
push into my thumbs
but the bouquet—red
as blood—is the prize
(the only prize) for
being kind, human-
kind, and being here
with pen in hand to
translate your words
glory, grace and burning.

How can I say no?
Yet, give me a chance
to discern how when
rose thorns pierce my heart
and Moses’s cane
already snakes forth
warnings at my feet
that he said yes, too,
to freedom and service.
Hold on a minute
while I breathe perfume
from roses and yes.

How I can hold on
I will never know
but here I am for
you, bleeding right here.

Posted for Robert Lee Brewer's  

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17 September 2014


     She stepped carefully over green sprouts
     in cracks of sidewalks—her Mother’s Back
     of nursery rhyme fame—not concrete—
     not spaces between—but what grows out.

     (Power of Eternity, Your Word
     grows flesh like You and all things Eden.)
     Cover it over but green breaks through
     delighted that she saw and transferred.

     She opened in blooming radiance
     in time and beyond.  Dawn and Food and
     Love and Wisdom flowed as she over-
     stepped boundaries of our man-made myths.

     Look at the songs she wrote, pregnant with
     Viriditas, her vision’s zenith!

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         Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Hildegard von Bingen

Copyright © 2014 S.L.Chast

“O nobilissima” is the final movement of Lux Lucis, 
a collection of three motets for women’s voices, 
on texts by Hildegard von Bingen. 

     Latin text                                                     English translation
O nobilissima viriditas                                O most noble greenness,
que radicas in sole                                      you are rooted in the sun,
et ques in candida serenitate                      and you shine in bright serenity
luces in rota                                                in a sphere
quam nulla terrena excellentia                  no earthly eminence         
comprehendit:                                             attains. You are enfolded
Tu circumdata es                                        in the embraces of divine
amplexibus divinorum                                ministries.
Tu rubes ut aurora                                     You blush like the dawn         
et ardes ut solis flamma.                             and burn like a flame of the sun.


14 September 2014

September ~ New Year

Best cool of night and warmth of day
Be spring or fall your hemisphere
To sleep and wake to self in play
Best cool of night and warmth of day
To know the God to whom we pray
In Nature’s arms and atmosphere
Best cool of night and warmth of day
Be spring or fall your hemisphere

Inspired by Heaven's 
and by A poem for #blogElul 13: Pray at the Velveteen Rabbi.

Copyright © 2014  S.L.Chast 

13 September 2014


Spring violets are edible, not you.
Absinthe is intoxicating, not you.
Guardian from any over-doing,
     you posture on every windowsill
     in crystal filters giving rainbow light
     and memories of pendulum fortunes
     in candle-lit gatherings so hot we
    removed modesty and sat bare-chested.

Who would judge?  And no one would compare one
to another, so busy were we free
     in all-women kindliness and caring
     I wore my amethyst pendent.  No more.
Amethyst was Age of Aquarius
     and still empowers hours of daily
     spiritual energy in the paths
     of its sunlit and moon-glowing windows

photo and prompt at
at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads

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12 September 2014


Apple Slice by Ranveig

Are we mystics or
nothing much?  Do
we stand on grounds
that lie in between?
     I am too immersed
in coffee grounds
to distinguish fore
ground from background.
     I’ve heard teachers
are prime victims of
this caffeine fog
happily submitting
     else over-sensitive
to connections,
and communities
     trying too hard
to live them before
they exist, at least
in one room one hour
     seeking rare and divine
moments when students
ground and glow and forget
to track human time.

For the caring teachers I know. 
Shared at Open Link Monday with Magaly.

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10 September 2014

Lying for Better

Pinocchio by Enrico Mazzanti - the first illustrator (1883) 

I who never lie, lied  
better for a truth that
doesn’t exist—not yet.

I neither condone nor
forgive depriving girls
education, but must

soften my heart if I
want to affect theirs, to
change minds and thus change worlds.

So I plant words: forgive
and me and you—just three
seeds to grow a new crop.

No condoning ruined
pasts and denied talents
but forgiving trespass.

I will need their help to
keep the seedlings alive,
to weed, woo, and water.

I want to walk with them,
work as one, allow soul
touching and visits.

Let us agree to lie
as long as it takes to
mature into the truth. 

For Isadora's 

You could have done better....Out of Standard

at the Garden

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