27 August 2014

Be Weird

Be weird,
it’s easier!
Read his sign
and that’s what
we shared in 1969—
bowling, poetry and fishing,
moon landings,
chess games
and Drive-Ins—
Sounds of Music
in pouring rain.

at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads.

This also fits my prompt:

Poets United Midweek Motif ~ An Evening Out

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26 August 2014

Yearly Reunion

Image from 1969 film adaptation of The Madwoman of Chaillot

You will laugh, go ahead!  It’s time to tell
why I haven’t fallen in love again:
No passion or not the right kind. Yes, I
melt at flowers and meals, thrill to concerts,
picnics, scrabble, baseball games and parties—

But, take me to a rally as of old:
Meet me with banners and signs drawn from truth
to power, ready to stand and to walk
as long as it takes.  To not disappear!
That’s the passion I miss, and I want it.

Is it youth’s turn? I ask, but watch older
people than me show up no matter what
while I sit home with my meds, tiredness
and fear of crowding, falling and breaking.
It is I who I miss, she who loves fun.

Remember the plains of DC, walking
among ever-changing traffic lights and
laughing: Humans overpower stop signs,
exits and entrances, marching to be
alive and heard, unified and so right.

We held hands, four across.  We stopped to stare
at Kill pigs signs because we disagreed
and Eat the rich signs because we agreed.
We chanted No More War! until our throats
were parched, circled the pentagon, until …

Tear gas, tears, search for water, separate
screams, plastic handcuffs, police wagons and
brutality—I had forgotten, I
had forgotten until Michael Brown died
an Emmett Till death.  I had forgotten.

You say It’s the movie Hair! I counter
with The Great Debaters.  We laugh.  But I
feel bald  in the wind, exposed to the sun
setting.  I've been happy sitting here with
you reminiscing, but tomorrow …

To be posted for my prompt 
     Poets United Midweek Motif ~ An Evening Out   
when it opens at 7AM Eastern USA time.

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25 August 2014

Haiku ~ Untitled

Emerald Pond, Lagunas de Montebello National Park, Chiapas, Mexico, photo by me.

Frog looks for small pond
with no trouble in it.  Hop.
Hop, hop, forever.

Posted at Open Link MondayWelcome to the Imaginary Garden ...
I wrote this in Meeting for Worship this morning,
hearing my alternatives in a troubled world.

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23 August 2014

My Book in Your Library

Zeno of Elea shows Youths the Doors to Truth and False (Veritas et Falsitas).
Fresco in the Library of 
El Escorial, Madrid.

Suddenly the road held mostly Hyundai Accents.
Seeing was the result of buying one myself—
and that is why I love Oscar Wilde.  He always
told the whole truth: Life copies art without question.

Show me a garden and I will reveal its source,
the same with nakedness in men and in women
and certainly books and libraries reflect each
other and therefore are imitated in lives.

Patterns of plots, structure of arriving somewhere
to, for example, find a specific thought in a book—
the success or failure of this mission.  Nothing
new exists: We, like plants are DNA run down.

Running down is fading or halving—never an
end—more Zeno’s Paradox than Duracell
batteries: the bunny stops and the buck stops, but
never the link of art and life that engulfs us.

I see you now because your portrait’s on
my wall.  I see Hyundai because I ride in one.
I see me because my picture is in your heart.
Our death is nothing but a story we must tell. 

Written for Margarett's Play it Again, Toads! #8
which led to Kerry's August 2011 prompt on Jorge Luis Borges 
asking me to lose myself in the maze of language, magic & endless possibilities
an entire year before I started writing poetry!   Makes me happy to go here.  

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22 August 2014

To Do

This morning I made a shopping list
~ Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (coupon)
which scrawled vaguely over the page
~ lots of veggies and fruit (local, organic)
unlike my bold list of non-violent protests
~ canned cat food (senior)
and that of white Police shooting black Citizens
~ Sorrento String Cheese (coupon)
and one of border crossings
~ double lines under the last item
which is longer than one on religious hatred
~ underneath I wrote stop by the YMCA
but shorter than violence against women
~ and mail letter (important)

For Fireblossom Friday: Lists

at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads
An experiment.

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21 August 2014


Here is the famous Cathedral in San Cristóbal de las Casas.

Whose gods live in the decor?
Whose magic, love, and blood lie in the embroidery of clothes, the weaving of fabric and rugs, the painting of pottery? 

Let's call them Tzotzil,  Tzetzal  and Winik-atel, Tojolabal and  Ch'ol, those who live here in Joval, the place in the clouds.

Let's call them by the names of their towns, traditional clothing or the academic idea of Maya.

Who can decipher their languages and discover their naming?
Who can take pictures in their mixed Christian and People rituals?

None, no one, without them.

Who co-opted their work for tourism? 
Who perverted their agriculture and education?
Who pushed them to protect themselves?  Condemned their protectors and raised armies against them?

Who is blind and deaf?

There is no reward for naming this pattern.

Posted for Victoria's Prompt 

Patterns of Life–dVerse Meeting the Bar.  

The pictures are my own and Wikipedia helped with names

The Mexican tourist video below has great music.

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