07 October 2012

Guardians and Caverns

Giant Conifer

Giant Conifer: Taken by wildstray 10/27/2009

Rides to the Lake George cabin showed tall pines as Guardians, multiple prayer circles in the distance--the awesome explanation of gravity, unity and cyclical patterns of moon tides and solar families

Arrival at the cabin showed the pines as Caverns, our cabin nestled in one with sweet orange needles underfoot, moving patches of sunlight above their deep-rooted gently breathing and creaking presence 

The tall pines waved and cracked eagerly in storms, connecting rain above with the sweet stream that flowed beneath our kitchen sink, a plentiful, cool, and fresh part of the pine mountains

We loved the grill of food and the heat of bed there--early in a storm--we lolled in our cavern's rain, taste, cracks, booms, rustling and sizzling inside and outside our open door 

Symbiosis completed the symphony of guardians in the cavern with great-horned gods calling across the rhythms of insects, songbirds, crows, and woodpeckers


Written at Hannah's prompting for Transforming Friday at Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads.  

Re-posted Sunday at Poets United "Poetry Pantry - #119."



Copyright © 2012 S.L.Chast                           



Sherry Blue Sky said...

Loved this piece, with all of the sounds and feelings of being cozy-cabin-bound during a storm - then got to actually experience it in the great video with the owls hooting.........awesome. Made my day!

Brian Miller said...

i love the trees as the guardians...and even them in prayer circles...it adds the spiritual element of nature....also a cool turn to you as well...would love to visit a place like that....i love nature...grilled food is only second to open flame for me...the year after college i lived in the woods, cooked all my meals over open flame...i was working with kids then too...the only time we came in was when it got below 20

ha you are opposite of me as well...all caps...

Kerry O'Connor said...

I could think of nothing nicer than to spend warm nights in a cabin under the pines, and to fall asleep listening to the forest. Your prose brings it all to mind so effortlessly.

Unknown said...

Your verse takes the scenic route along the road, to destination and then through sensations, gifts and blessings of the outing. I really like the tone and feeling here, although must admit the all caps typography was not comfortable to me.

Helen said...

Magic ... you have created these images so vividly, I feel as though I took the trip.

Hannah said...

Susan...yes, I agree with Helen...magic.


Love this so MUCH!!

Well done and than k you for writing to RT Transforming Friday!!

Grace said...

I like how you painted the scene...the pine trees, rain, food and bed ~ Then there is the symphony of the animals ~ Lovely share ~

Mary said...

Susan, you really set the scene here and carried it through! I could picture being among those wonderful tall pines!

Barbara said...

You made this place and all it sights and sounds sing in my mind, though I was never there! Well done, Susan!

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


A very real feel and appreciation of being totally embraced by nature...Beautiful images.