25 July 2013

Heeding the Call

Her note--lingering in an unresolved chord,
surprising her with minor keys and overtones
while seeking melody--is becoming a Moment.
Anxiety beckons from the getaway car,
     but she chooses the Moment not
           the pattern of habit, tradition and fear.
She faces danger,  gives herself to the Moment,
                                            embraces it and finds the moment holds her too.
                                      Her eye itch could be tears of joy,
                                                  pride, discovery, and gratitude.
                                                             Where they splotch her clothes, laurels grow.
                                 She thinks of playing forgotten games:
                             jump rope, jacks, giant steps, checkers
                        twenty questions, blind man's bluff
                   hop scotch, high water - low water
               laughter and laughter and laughter
        because her note holds her like a fast car on a roller coaster,
               tea cup on the tilt-a-whirl,
                    a pocket in an overcoat.
                                        Strapped into the mystery,
                 she is committed
                      to seeing it through
                      even though she
                                             cannot check a schedule or
                     ask how the Moment ends

Posted for Victoria's Are You Listing? dVerse Meeting the Bar.

Copyright © 2013 S.L.Chast



Katie Mia Frederick said...

It's really not that dangerous.'Trust Me'

Roslyn Ross said...

Yes, life is a series of Moments.

Brian Miller said...

ha. hope you are enjoying phillie...
anxiety waits in the getaway car...cool line...
my fav though... She faces danger, gives herself to the Moment,
embraces it and finds the moment holds her too...that is very cool
this one felt different to me susan...

Grace said...

I like the giving in to the moments, like getting lost in music or watching that tea cup swirl ~ The format shaping reminds me of a wave in a moment's time ~

Happy and safe travels, Susan ~

Claudia said...

smiles..i much like the car about playing the forgotten games... think i should play some of them again as well...smiles

victoria said...

You included the lists with so much ease, Susan. Like Claudia, the games were most fun for me, full of memories. The capitalization of Moment works so well to emphasize the message. Enjoy your meeting.

TCPC said...

heeding the call for a new journey! beautiful

ds said...

Those forgotten games bring back so much...I like the urgency of anxiety in the getaway car, and also the safety of the pocket in the overcoat. We should all live in the Moment. Thank you.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

I like your list of forgotten games, and everything you did with the concept of moment.