29 November 2013

Bells and Whistles

for Abigail 

Grandpa made the sled for her carpet rides.
She drives wearing a crown and we all take 
turns being steeds: first Dad and then great grand
fatherfour generationsand the one-
year old holds the reigns.   When she stops, arms out-
stretched, we applaud.  She moves again and stops.
Applause.  What power!   She is entranced and
so are we.  Will she be director, conductor, 
dancer, musician, lawyer?  We can’t help 
speculating.  Great grandma reminds us 
she is a normal baby, for which we 
are grateful.  We stop saying how smart she 
is and how we would all give our lives for 
her who has all these bells and whistles.

Posted in Poets United Poetry Pantry #178.

Copyright © 2013  S.L.Chast


Kerry O'Connor said...

How lovely! Every little girl should be the star of the family show.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

This is adorable. I can see her, her little arms out, watching the adults all fall under her spell. Oh if she can only keep that feeling her whole life!!!!

revelations said...

this promoted great visuals...lovely poem

Brian Miller said...

made me smile...i love being the horse to little ones...was playing with my nephew this week...he is just 3 now and still small...and sees the world so much different....fun stuff

Liz Rice-Sosne said...

What power indeed!

kaykuala said...

When a young shows much confidence it augurs well for the future. She is destined for bigger things obviously. Nicely Susan!


Mary said...

Beautiful, Susan. Amazing to contemplate the amount of potential found in one young girl.

Susan said...


Susan said...

From your lips to God's ears.

Natašek said...

really beautiful :)

madhumakhi said...

This tiny little one year old seems to have such a commanding presence. In any family the baby is always the ruler. I like the way grandma reminds everyone that the kid is enjoying herself without another care in the world.

jossina said...

children need to loved and we grateful that they are in our lives, nice poem

ZQ said...

Yes! What a wonderful experience and well captured.