04 December 2013

Cold Comfort

Golden mucus narrows
oxygen passages
and back muscles are sore
from breathing anyway.

Grandmother’s voice rises
from unsorted data
Feed colds and starve fevers
so I drift to the frig.

Yogurt with honey or
jam and nuts and dried fruit?
Why are my cupboards full
when least tempted to eat?

Grandmother’s voice recalls
hot toddies, her country
cure-all, steeped herbal teas
and Echinacea.

I wish she would let me
be when I ache and ring
unless she could bring her
remedies from beyond.

Serve me, I whimper.  As
if!  She gave me gems when
she needed care; but now? 
She will not stay away.

Pillowed on her wisdom,
I drift to sleep and snore
and dream she is alive
and right here by my side.  

Copyright © 2013  S.L.Chast


Laurie Kolp said...

Grandmothers always know best. Hope you feel better, Susan.

Brian Miller said...

smiles...in their absense we def miss their comforts...it is nice when they draw near enough for us to feel and in those moments there is great peace...its good too we remember thier words to take us there too...

rallentanda said...

Grannies were a great comfort. They seemed to know everything. I miss mine too!

Abin Chakraborty said...

being taken care of by one's granny is probably one of the best loved memories of our childhood.I still remember how my granny sought to shield me from all rebukes.she was a fountain of indulgence.I miss her still.

brudberg said...

Oh my grandmother was no way like that.. recall her most at the later stage of dementia.. but never a very practical woman... hope you feel better soon

Natašek said...

very beautiful, full of love...

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I so know. My grandma said the same things - plus do you remember mustard plasters? Horrors! (They did work though.) I recommend a hot toddy whenever possible. Hee hee. Take two, and e me in the morning. Smiles.

Mary said...

Susan, in your poem I can feel the love that you had for your grandmother. I think once one has known such a wonderful grandmother the missing will never leave.

kaykuala said...

Grandmother's remedies are real but one tends not to treat them seriously in conversations. And one tends to remember and appreciate them more only when they are no more with us. Nicely Susan!


Pealogic said...

Oh, your grandmother has the same voice as my mum. What a joy to read.

humbird said...

Old memory...grandma...so resonate with me! I also wish if she could be with me...~ lovely reflection

Unknown said...

Nostalgic..grandmas in all countries are always same..:-)