27 May 2014

Long Distance Friends

Berkeley, CA 1989

When my best friend moved to Texas
Long distance would intervene;
No longer house-mate family
We planned meetings in between.

As long distance intervened
With presence we took for granted,
We planned meetings in between
Hoping regular check-ins lasted.

Of presence we took for granted
Dear talking continues with ease,
while check-ins are often stranded
In realms of what-used-to-be.

Our talks continue with ease—
Strands of thought and age connect
With realms of what-used-to-be
When my best friend moved to Texas.

81 words posted for my prompt "Midweek Motif ~ Best Friends" at Poets United.  This is a slightly modified pantoum.  (And a very sentimental favorite song, sans James Taylor!)

Carole King, "You've got a friend."

Copyright © 2014  S.L.Chast


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh a cool pantoum! Such a change, going from the dailiness to once in a while - but I have long term friendships like that, that stay the same no matter time or distance. They are treasures!

Mary said...

It is indeed wonderful when one has a friendship that continues despite the distance. This friendship you have described sounds like one of these wonderful kinds of friendships. I love the photo.

Kay L. Davies said...

I've had one particular friend since I was four, another since I was ten, and it's been decades since we lived in the same area, but it doesn't matter. We can always pick up where we left off, or just sail right into the present, whatever is required. Some of their kids still call me Auntie Kay, and some of the grandchildren do the same, or not, as they choose.
Love this poem, Susan.
Hugs, K

Kathryn Dyche said...

Smiling . . . got to love friendships like that.

Jae Rose said...

It is better to be emotionally close to one person who really understands you than physically close to a lot of people who don't perhaps..a good friendship is ever present and constant..and love the accompanying photo!

Old Egg said...

A year or two ago I met up with an old school friend from 60 years ago on the other side of the world. Although we had written intermittently there was a certain comfortableness that was so natural. I even liked her husband!

avalon said...

That's the sign of a good friendship: you can pick up where you left off decades earlier, without a hiccup.
What a great ride that must be through upstate NY. I wish I'd been on a train. Would you tell us about what you see and take some pictures for us?

alan1704 said...

Life brings many changes and distance is one of them, but hearts and love are always there, this has a forlorn feel but oozes love.

Stacy said...

aw, how lovely.

such a shame your friend had to move away, but wonderful that you've managed to stay in touch over the years. seems usually without a constant presence, friendships wither.

stacy lynn mar

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

This made my heart warm--

Anjum Wasim Dar said...

so true -life is another name of meeting-being friends and then separation-but hearts stay close even if distances increase, a well composed poem

Unknown said...

Even with the ease of communication, distance from a friend is still hard.
Sounds like quite a friend.

kaykuala said...

It's such a wonderful thing to stay connected despite the intrusion of distance. It is to be still remaining best friends in the best of times not many can proudly shout about .A wonderful take Susan!


Loredana Donovan said...

I love the circularity of the pantoum. It flows so smoothly. Perfect for this theme of long-distance friendship. You are lucky to have such a loyal friend through time and space. Lovely, Susan :)

Stormcat Poetry said...

When My ex and her best friend met on a week long vacation after only a year and hundreds of emails etc. I commented that I wondered when they would run out of things to say because no one could get a word in edgewise. They both responded in unison oh we'll never run out of things to talk about!