10 August 2014

Super Moon

The "supermoon" full moon of July 12, 2014 is seen over Penobscot Narrows Bridge linking Prospect, Maine with Verona Island. Two more supermoon full moons will follow on Aug. 10 and Sept. 9.

Is Sunday's Supermoon Full Moon Really That Super? By Joe Rao, Skywatching Columnist

To the moon I didn't see: You
still left your imprint on me
rocked me gently while I wept
stayed with me until I slept

While my friends stayed out quite late
I indulged a small self-hate
instead of harrumphing me
you held my hand, helped me see.

I love you, Moon, you keep faith
when I hide my flaming face
you make me look without fear
and always seem to be near

I watch your phases and know
you too need a place to go
offstage and without spotlights
that obscure your inner light.

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Copyright © 2014  S.L.Chast


  1. smiles. th emoon is our ever companion...even when we do not see her...
    offstage...she's still there...i am glad she helped you see as well...

  2. I like the conversation with the super moon like she is your inner companion, helping us search for our own inner light ~ Have a good week Susan ~

  3. Beautiful, Susan....I love your friendly comforting moon.

  4. 'The moon doth shine as bright as day' Good comforting conversation with the Reflecting Orb whose cool brightness warms us with companionship.

  5. Some days I cannot think of anything more comforting than the moon.. we have had several months blessed by daylight, and soon I will wait for the sun in the same way I yearn for the moon now.

    instead of being burnt by sun
    I turn to moon - she comforts me
    in harshness of the day I yearn
    to sit and talk to moonlit sea

  6. We should all learn from the ways of the Silver Mother above. Remember that in order for there to be light, there most be some balancing darkness. She is a great teacher, isn't she? And such a soother, too.

  7. I was hoping somebody would write to that monstrous disk :-)
    It made me think that that plus the gorgeous rainbow a few hours earlier, was something we all share, regardless of circumstances and place.
    I'm glad the moon comforts you. I should be glad that my eyes make me see three of them now, floating apart and coming back together.
    Somehow, that doesn't cheer me. Maybe a bit of harrumphing would help :-)

  8. Oh goodness yes, I feel it too, every moon anew is yet as old as the one before it....living deep within us all.

  9. Madame Moon played on my work-caused exhaustion, and sent me to bed early that night, before I hurt somebody. 1o hours of sleep later, my chi is centered again! Loved your moon poem.

  10. This is a charming ode to the moon - ever the faithful companion in all its phases.

  11. Isn't the universe a wonderful caretaker, offering the comfort of the moon when those of our own ilk cannot fill that need?

  12. I woke early Sunday morning feeling quite bathed by that moonlight, even though the beams didn't reach our bed from the western windows ... What's super about the moon is that it needn't be visible to exert its pure influence; that we see it with the mind, not the eyes. And yes, without the darkness, without a sea to rise from or fall to, what could such light mean? Brightness without lucence, which comes from somehow reflecting the dark. Very nice.

  13. smiles.... i guess even the moon needs those offstage places to gather new strength and maybe weep a bit every once and a while - just like us - and that's why she understands us probably

  14. The best friend ever!---------------moon

  15. A lovely cadence here, sometimes we all feel a bit reflective! Great to have the moon up there. Thanks. K.

  16. I love those opening lines Susan exquisitely written and I know all too well the feeling of being left out or is usually my case isolating myself until I am omitted

  17. A companion loyal to all. But it needs some privacy which it will never get. This is one regret many face in life. Great one Susan!


  18. and so . . .
    goodnight moon


  19. wow, super-cute and confessional and truthy all at once. i rather love this, Susan, especially your second stanza.


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