30 September 2014

Inner Child

I should have loved you more back then
when forehead furrows wanted seeds,
squinting eyes needed hugs to see,
wrinkled nose craved sweetness and cake.

None of our books showed how to love
self quietly without the crowds
praising grades and performances—
You couldn’t do it by yourself.

But now, let me reach in to say
you were awesome! and you still are
I hear the earth turning from you
and I write down secrets you hold.

You didn’t know then that you knew
secrets, that you depended on
gravel, trees and reindeer moss for
stories and sensuality.

But you were in training fields for 
our spirit to awaken—and 
dirt, dolls, climbing trees and dress up 
expanded our Golden Book tales.

Copyright © 2014 S.L.Chast


Sreeja said...

wow... a subtle one.....loved this!!

Mary said...

Yes, if only we knew then what we know now about loving our inner child. If only back then we could have said to ourselves such self affirming words as 'you are awesome' I wonder where that kind of confidence would have taken us!

Brian Miller said...

one of my fav things...and even my boys fav things is to continue a story...to make it real by living out the stories in the woods...and with our action heroes.....where do we learn to love ourselves?

Jae Rose said...

In the absence of any alternative we can learn to parent ourselves with the comfort of things around us...she was and is amazing

Gabriella said...

I like the idea of addressing your inner self. This is a very powerful poem, Susan. There are indeed many things we did not know then.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh how I love this, especially the "training fields for spirit to awaken"......and "None of our books showed how to love self quietly without the crowds". This makes me think of that place in the US where meditation is part of the school day, and is also held each day for all the adults in town. Fairfield, Iowa. Everyone there is peaceful and radiant!!!!

Unknown said...

I think it's special that we can now grab that child's hand and look back at life from "both sides now"

Nicholas said...

This is a wonderful piece to give to your child when he/she has grown up to make him/her remember the special bond you two shared in the past.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Lovely, Susan! We are sort of on the same track, though expressed differently. :)

Rallentanda said...

I found this poem very interesting . It gave me insights into myself which have never occured to me before.

PT said...

It's a Master Piece Susan....congrats for the brilliant work.

Gen Giggles said...

Very well written, such memories and plans it invokes.

marit said...

meaningful. thank you for sharing.