03 January 2015

Musing on the Science of God

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Balancing toy

God desires.  Personification
encourages us to see a human
face on God rather than a void sucking
us in to parent and provide missing
love glue round all the world which is too too
big for us, overwhelmingly huge HUGE—
and so very intricate we succumb
to the human images and forget
the vast hunger that space and spirit have

without needing to be personal first:
Hunger, I say, but mean osmosis—we
osmose, you osmose, it osmoses—and
anywhere a border separates
having from emptiness, DESIRE causes—
osmosis occurs as a great sucking—
an affective drawing toward and be-
ing drawn occurs.  Mutual Desire.
How can, why do we resist and resist?

Consider a landscape beautiful or
ravaged by hurricane or tsunami:
how it calls me and you and many to
enter it and lavish our love on its
order and disorder, its multitudes
and solitude, its stubborn mystery
above and beyond news stories and guide
books.  Try not to think of Haiti gnawing your
spirit, of your own children’s hunger.   

Try not to imagine blank paper want-
ing words and pockets wanting lint and minds
wanting thoughts and lips wanting kisses and
vampires wanting blood and all creatures  of
imagination wanting stories.  Try
not wanting to give, Give GIVE worms to chicks
with their mouths gaping and then, maybe, know
how God desires to surround us with love, 
desire, attraction and concrete gifts.

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Poetry Pantry #234

Copyright © 2015 S.L.Chast 


Amrit Sinha said...

May we all follow the path of love of selflessness so that the world can be a better place.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Such a broad perspective to uplift and expand one's vision. Well done, Susan! I especially like the final stanza, the worms into the chicks' mouths......and a God who surrounds us with bounty, once we open our eyes to see.

Maude Lynn said...

Wow, Susan. Just wow.

brudberg said...

There are so much we can do.. Just have to do our best for fellow human beings.

Old Egg said...

That's all very well but I only have words to give now!

totomai said...

perhaps it's because of the tradition that we are giving Him a face. No one really knows though how He looked like.
This poem is a reminder of how lucky we are under His love.

Mary said...

I am sure the desire of God is that we surround others with love in the same way that He surrounds us with love. There are so many places......

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

What an amazing poem! I love that you present me with notions and images I hadn't previously considered. That whole hunger thing is so powerful.

Gabriella said...

I am not sure if this is what you meant but your poem reminds me of one of Abraham Joshua Heschel's book 'God in Search of Man'.

humbird said...

'God desires to surround us with love,
desire, attraction and concrete gifts.' ~
it takes one's life to understand that the challenges were the gifts.....Thank you, Susan!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Back for another read, and this poem has such depths, and uses words so powerfully, it leaves me speechless when it comes to commenting. "the vast hunger that space and spirit have"....and the osmosis.......lots to think about. Especially the closing lines. Wow.

Loredana Donovan said...

The science of God is an interesting juxtaposition as science and religion are often polarized. Yet there is divinity in all creation. So true that God wants the best for us. Lovely, Susan :)

Brian Miller said...

oh i think there are plenty of people, and many that proclaim to believe in God that do not give...
and perhaps that is part of the human...allowing our own discriminations to get in the way
of that connection to god...but we do it in the name of god as well...even the pain though of a haiti
is part of god...our minds wrestle with how or why...but there are things we will never understand...

Donna@LivingFromHappiness said...

I also love the ending with 'how God desires to surround us with love' ...so important to remember that as we are surrounded with our personifications of God.

Unknown said...

Profound lines..wonderful message... :-)

ZQ said...

You did very well keeping the mystery "unveiled" :-)

Stacy said...

very endearing bit of philosophy. god is in all of us, and we are all in god.

Jae Rose said...

Perhaps there is a difference between belief and religion..whatever we believe we all need love and kindness

MeenalSonal said...

A thoughtful poem, hope all think on similar lines

PT said...

Try not to imagine blank paper want-
ing words and pockets wanting lint and minds
wanting thoughts and lips wanting kisses and
vampires wanting blood and all creatures of
imagination wanting stories.

Great flow of thoughts...
mesmerizing words...full of life

Gen Giggles said...

Very interesting thought flow. I like the use of osmosis in this fashion.

Unknown said...

Interesting write and a wonderful message!

Locomente said...

And a beautiful message there...