28 January 2015

Present Humor

From there to here, and here to there, 
funny things are everywhere.  ~ Dr. Seuss

I love how air puffs out on the first syll-
able, hue, humor, human, human-ness.

I love her slight smile while meditating
so delightful to balance, to ease pain.

I love the huge laugh of the newcomer
who hung out with us at last night’s party.

I love the voiced aitch in who what where why
which join how to spell curiosity.

I love knock-knock jokes because I must part-
icipate, asking Who’s there? and then Who?

I love finding an owl sitting above
because I heard it and then looked for it.

I love the slight differences of hoot
who and hue, feel which puffs more on your hand.

I love your company, how we can be
silly and lighten up each other’s heart.

Copyright © 2015 S.L.Chast


Jae Rose said...

That owl is inside wise and listening for past and future laughs..best of all it is twit--twooing now!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love your take on the many facets of humor.......the serene smile, and especially the huge laugh - my cackle can be loud. My great grandson never tires of saying I laugh like a witch. In which I take some pride, LOL.

Old Egg said...

Is it only humans that laugh? I am sure the laughing hyena is not bursting his britches. Did someone in the distant past say "Life is a bit of a joke, isn't it?"

humbird said...

Lovely collection of humoring things...I also love owl "WHO WHO" jokes...just humming with no particular reason :)x

rallentanda said...

Being silly and seeing the mad side of life helps one to endure even in the darkest of situations. I love huge contagious laughs also and witches cackles like Sherry blue Sky's :)

Anjum Wasim Dar said...

humor has many forms but to have a 'sense of humor' is to be specially gifted

Unknown said...

thank goodness for those little but significant things that keep us sane.

Kay L. Davies said...

I enjoyed this, Susan!
Luv, K

Anonymous said...

If you can amuse yourself, that is really special! Good one, Susan.

Gen Giggles said...

It is always great when friends gather.

Wolfsrosebud said...

nice walk around the block to show us the lighter sides to life... my two year old grand is now telling knock, knock jokes!

Abbey Michael Boyle Blount Fallin said...

a surprise act, which always place us on a hamster stool,
keep rolling, keep laughing.