29 April 2015

Imagine Logic

Lady Justice, a symbol of justice.

Imagine getting what you earn—
nothing more, nothing less.  Earning
what you get, and getting nothing
more.  Imagine one to one e-
quations other than an eye-for-
an-I, justice meted out on
a non-human plane.  Imagine
being unable to break this
law, being unable to find
a loophole, being unable
to sue.  Justice on this plain plane
being absolute—a tree looks
like a tree, a rock like a rock.

Words mean what they intend to mean. 
Metaphor is unfair, it gets
more for less.  Irony is pun-
ishable by death.  Scales balance. 
Justice is absolute, crime cancelled. 
Three of these lines are illegal—
neither complete nor metered.

"Justice = Just Ice"

For my prompt 

Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Justice, or Poetic Justice

Copyright © 2015  S.L.Chast

#28 poem, April 2015


Sanaa Rizvi said...

Life would be so simple if there were no twists and loopholes like you mentioned in this wonderful piece :)
These lines struck me:

Words mean what they intend to mean.
Metaphor is unfair, it gets
more for less. Irony is pun-
ishable by death.

If people were unable to twist someone's life with words it would truly mean justice...!
Loved your poem :D

Mary said...

I do wonder what it would be like if words just meant what they were meant to mean & there would be no possibility of misinterpretation & no thought that they might be metaphoric or ironic. It might be a simpler world, but perhaps less colorful? And I do wonder if justice could ever be absolute...perhaps if everyone understood and used words in the same way rather than finding shades of meaning as many (we all) do today.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I especially would favor no tax loopholes for the wealthy. If they and corporations paid their proportionate share, the world would have no economic problems. Ha. I just solved The Global Economy. Poetic Justice! LOL.

humbird said...

Thought provoking poem....if ~ I believe things/words will be more transparent for us sooner or later....no duality....imagine what happens with justice.....maybe really it will become just ice....

Unknown said...

Well said! It would definitely be a different world if all of your words became true

Myrna R. said...

I love your imagination. Hope it's true that what we can imagine can be. Love the depth of your poem Susan. I hope with you.

Anonymous said...

That last stanza has really hooked me, Susan. A poet and her words are slippery, evading Justice's need for the one dimensional and justifiable? You've certainly got me thinking!

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


I often wish that the idyllic sense of justice and fairness, was the normal mode of law, human rights, freedoms and standards. Instead it seems to be a constant disappointment and ongoing struggles. Amazed by the surprises, which seem to facilitate the wrongdoers..I agree with all of Sherry's comments too..a real and tough subject..


Old Egg said...

If only justice was really blind and had no pockets to fill.

Sumana Roy said...

this is a fun read Susan specially the last stanza..now i'm wondering would i want a justice filled equal mechanical world (literary) or a world where irony is not punishable by death :)

Gen Giggles said...

Simple ideas yet so beyond is what they make us contemplate.

Panchali said...

"Justice on this plain plane
being absolute—a tree looks
like a tree, a rock like a rock." Solid lines... you said it so well, Susan.....The principles of justice and fairness point to ideas of fair treatment and "fair play" that should govern all modes of interaction in a society. They serve as guidelines for carrying out justice.

grapeling said...

really an interesting take, Susan ~

Nicholas said...

there you go again Susan. making me smile at the perfect way you crafted this one. loved it!!! thanks.

Tammy said...

I don't think metaphor is unfair. I think it's unfair when people use words the wrong way and think they are clear and don't make it a point to be clear and then blame you.

Joy From Acts of Pleasure

Intelliblog said...

The law is elastic in this imperfect world of ours. The stronger you are the more you can elongate it to the lengths you need it to go to excuse your own particular crime. Your poem highlights that utopian world where everyone gets what they deserve and true justice is served, Susan. It was a good poem to read and I liked the way you wrote it so that you forced the reader to really concentrate on the words highlighted one way or another...