01 July 2015

Marriage Vows

"An attractive couple..." from Margaret Scott's Drawing du Jour

Drawing used with permission.

Ladies Liberty
and Justice married today
and now honeymoon.

They're off to pursue
Happiness, while witnesses
continue to dance.

Where they touch, flowers
already grow.  Where they touch
food enough for all.

Freedom will remove
the blindfold from her lover’s
eyes and restore sight.

Justice will reckon
the weight of hate flames and death
against Freedom’s Light.

And chose her partner
again and again to ex-
cite Passion and Peace.

They longed to marry
for centuries, and here, now
they are, hand in hand.

Expect to see huge
changes throughout the land, to
see changes at hand.

Copyright © 2015  S.L.Chast


Old Egg said...

It is by no accident that both Liberty and Justice are depicted as women as is Peace (Greek goddess Irene) also.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

This is so beautiful :D In the end.. freedom is the power to do as we wish.. without having any fear in our hearts.
Beautifully penned :D

Lots of love,

Sumana Roy said...

Such a rainbow poem Susan, love the tone...a brilliant thought indeed....

Jay said...

Nice reference to the Declaration of Independence.

"food enough for all"

That would be hugely freeing.

Jae Rose said...

What a wonderful way to illustrate the changes...if liberty and justice married i think the world would certainly be a better place - damn those men (and the odd woman) in suits and boots who block the way

alan1704 said...

Freedom is certainly a release of the heart and the joy to celebrate.

rallentanda said...

I thought there definitely was a tinge of rainbow about this one too particularly with same sex marriage being made legal in every state of America just recently. It would be great to see poverty eradicated...here as well.There are homeless people sleeping outside our local library. I feel very ashamed about that....as we are constantly told how lucky we are to live here in Oz being such a wealthy country blah blah blah ! Nothing is what it seems here or over there.A lot of deprivation is hidden.

Claudia said...

when liberty and justice make a bond there seem to be no boundaries to make the world a better place

kaykuala said...

They should be able to accomplish what they had intended when two heads are put together. They have it cut out for them given the current scenario afflicting the geo-political divide.Well penned Susan!


Sherry Blue Sky said...

I LOVE this!!!!! Wish they had married centuries ago! I love that where they touch, food and flowers grow for all..........

Panchali said...

Interesting poem considering the current events going around the world, I like how strong a stance you portray..Oh, that's indeed a perfect Allegiance...it can weave a perfect world!!
Enjoyed reading, Susan.

Mary said...

Liberty and Justice together make a beautiful world! I really like the way you expressed this concept, Susan. Change definitely is at hand!

Purba chakraborty said...

This is so beautiful. Liberty and Justice will make sure it's a beautiful world full of harmony. I loved this poem :)

claireylove said...

Oh yes, yes, yes - this is just perfect. What an image!

Truedessa said...

When Liberty and Justice combine forces - doorways to peace can be opened.

Unknown said...

Powerful words here exuding the triumph of humanity and love. "Justice will reckon
the weight of hate flames and death
against Freedom’s Light." ...Finally, the time has come to celebrate the light of freedom. The Victory that shall set the example for others ..so well expressed in your words... :-)

Unknown said...

So much wonderful symbolism and practical observation of this day and the unfetered ladies Justice and Freedom.

Unknown said...

Ah, utopia! A very readable way of writing about such an important, fundamental topic. I enjoyed this, and recognised the feminine traits.

Gen Giggles said...

What a powerful poem for recent events.

Unknown said...

a perfect subject for freedom eloquently prosed!

Intelliblog said...

Very apposite to the recent changes wrought by your legislation in the US, Susan. One wishes that this union of Justice and Freedom eradicate the hate and violence, vilification and victimisation that has been so often seen when minorities dare to challenge the status quo of society's "norms" (even if that challenge is harmless to society's fabric...).