14 October 2015


Klimt Tree of Life 1909.jpg
Tree of Life, Gustav Klimt (1909)

“There is in all visible things…a hidden wholeness.”
~Thomas Merton

God romps through The Family Tree of Art
infinitely more often than we who
are yet visible, who work through Branches
of it to create and then deconstruct forms
looking for what plays in-through-around-at—
beyond our nature deep in Nature’s Tree.

To make, unmake, reform ever over
makes us (like changing seasons) synced with truth.
Unknowingly, we are exactly what
we seek—a perfect form revealing what
we want to own and never can because
we’re only part of The Family Tree.

Do you see me as imperfectly as
I see you (and all Nature too)?  Our hope
lies in relationship of each to each—
not separate and lonely artistry
but connected and symbiotic, or
else only dead meat left of amputees.

But God plays through each part of the famed Tree
of Art, inviting us to join with hints
and whiffs in the imitations we make—
our music curls our inner ear and still
arts train our eyes, while skin—our largest sense-
u-all organ—is always on!  How Brilliant!

Perpetual motion creates the glow
the Tree gives off—innumerable counts
of luminosity as if on fire.
And so, look up!  Ascend to Tree Tip Top.        
Tune in with Sun and Stars for a glance
at how Earth’s Nature looks within God’s Dance.

Copyright © 2015  S.L.Chast


Maude Lynn said...

I adore the closing lines. Just superb.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love this, especially your closing stanza, which is just delightful!

Grace said...

I love the connections with nature, with God, with every family tree ~ That whole second stanza moved me greatly ~

A deep reflection here Susan, thanks ~

Mary said...

Somehow I think that though we are all imperfect, with God's help we join one another in our imperfections and make beautiful music!

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Lovely! We forget that, if God made us in His image, he might be delightfully human – enough to romp and play, which is after all the wellspring of art.

Old Egg said...

Once perhaps we did fit in natures plan but now are just rebels without common sense, aliens in this once beautiful world. Our chance to redeem ourselves is fast running out. Let's hope we can mend our ways.

brudberg said...

I so much prefer a god like this, the dance in stars in the end, I wish to see and watch him there..

Anonymous said...

To step back and see yourself as one tiny part of the vastness... And to realise how fleeting even that is... Somehow changes everything.

Jae Rose said...

How brilliant indeed - and looking up shines through..like sun hitting our souls and raising our chins..i can't profess to understand every branch you have written - but perhaps that is the magic..we are all part of the tree..at different places in it..learning always i hope and nudging our leaves up towards the light and air..

dsnake1 said...

i like this intricate piece of work. somehow, it seems, everyone is connected in this tree of art, though what we are doing are different.
Susan, my head is spinning already. :)

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Wow! I m literally speechless....! Such beauty, depth and wisdom in this piece.
Beautifully executed!

Lots of love,

kaykuala said...

God romps through The Family Tree of Art
infinitely more often than we

A classic opening Susan! It is acknowledging God's presence that one never fails to be blessed. Those who realize the generosity extended through God's hands are the ones who gain most. Their appreciation will not go unnoticed!


Sherri B. said...

I love this from start to finish...I especially loved these lines:

But God plays through each part of the famed Tree
of Art, inviting us to join with hints
and whiffs in the imitations we make

Beautiful! And so true.

Gillena Cox said...

To be is, being part of the tree of living consciousness. Lovely write. Have a beautiful Sunday

Much love...

Anonymous said...

the poem is full of perpetual motion creating a fabulous whole worthy of Klimt!

Natašek said...

this is really brilliant, love the message behind it!

humbird said...

'Unknowingly, we are exactly what
we seek' like the idea.
'Do you see me as imperfectly as
I see you (and all Nature too)? ' - I think
not always. More often we admire people, who
not fully satisfied with themselves....
Excellent spiritual and philosophical writing!

Truedessa said...

First, the pic is perfect for your poem. You have capture the beauty of the tree of life and the tree of art. I would tune in to see this god dance.

Loredana Donovan said...

The last stanza is my favorite ~ yes, look up and be inspired. I also like the bit about the imperfections in us and nature ~ it's what makes us special and unique. Lovely, Susan.

Anonymous said...

God is always there in the Tree of Life, urging each of us to partake in creation. When we do, we find peace, something our world desperately needs,


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

The image of God playing fills me with delight and joy!

Wendy Bourke said...

There is a lot of depth to this piece - a lot to contemplate. And that last stanza: breathtakingly lovely.

Gen Giggles said...

Great use of the painting to create a very strong poem.