18 November 2015

Happy Haiku

Tree Silhouette | by Simmo1024
Tree Silhouette by Simmo1024.

A little mercy
raindrops slowly weeping on
drought-opened ground cracks

Patiently dousing
fire-cleared forests bringing out
shades of black and brown

Snow will cover sleep
healing hot with cold and
dry with wet relief

Dream of waking, friends,
rising slowly with roots deep
as bodies are full

Returning mercy
for harm, nurturing all un-

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Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Mercy

Copyright © 2015  S.L.Chast


Magaly Guerrero said...

Love the soothing cool of the middle haiku... ♥

Sanaa Rizvi said...

This is soo beautiful...!! Nature sprinkles her mercy upon us all in ways innumerable :D :D

Lots of love,

Sherry Blue Sky said...

"Dream of waking, friends.....returning mercy for harm".....this says it all, and so beautifully. Sigh. I love it.

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

Nature does heal and in ways that we sometimes cannot--beautifully done Susan

Old Egg said...

Just what we need in Australia now with fires raging and temps about 100F (38C) ad its not summer until December! A beautiful poem with nature bestowing her gifts unconditionally.

Gillena Cox said...

the first one for me is a stunner, im absorbed in your contemplation of natures's goodness to mankind
thanks for dropping in to read mine at my blog

much love...

ayala said...

Lovely poem !

Anonymous said...

Love the first one Susan... beautiful.

kaykuala said...

A little mercy
raindrops slowly weeping on
drought-opened ground cracks

Great opening Susan,Yes, just a little mercy can go a long way. Empathy has a way of enhancing itself.


Jae Rose said...

Mercy is like raindrops in unrelenting heat...and nurturing unconditionally is the very essence of mercy..of humanity too perhaps?

Myrna R. said...

I like the idea of nature's mercy. Love the last one which, to me, incorporates the healing I hope for.

Unknown said...

Mercy really does fill the cracks and cover the ugliness left behind (by man.) We are so unmerciful to the land - scaring it without thought.
Hopeful for a healing spring (in our world)!

Carol Campbell said...

The gentle flow of mercy. Your words are like silk!

Mary said...

Beautiful haiku set. I especially like the fourth one....with the dream of waking & bodies full. Then the conclusion of returning mercy for harm & nurturing all. Oh that it be so!

Hannah said...

your closing is especially moving, Susan. Beautiful poem.

Sara McNulty said...

Returning mercy
for harm,

such a beautiful thought!

rallentanda said...

Nurturing all unconditionally regardless of race, gender or status is the Christian ethos, not alway practised by those who profess to be Christian.Other belief systems do not engender these precepts so understandably there is no obligation
or a reason to nurture all unconditionally unless you are living in a country which has made it a rule of law!

Intelliblog said...

How wonderfully you describe the regenerative quality of mercy, Susan. Your extended metaphor of nature regenerating works well with the linked haikus.

Sreeja said...

Just loved them absolutely.....missed reading for a long time...this was a treat!