05 November 2015


Angel in the air.jpg

Let's retreat, not retire, you said.
We're not armies, I replied,
and you laughed.  Army won’t pull back,
Ain’t got no sense!  Do we?  Hmm.

Let me ask the guardian angels
what difference a root makes:
a word, a mere sound on ear
drums exciting the next move.

We're tired but dress and treat
ourselves to country side roads 
to hear and write the musics
that beat among our hearts.

In this new tranquil space, we
smell the blossoms and then
stamp ripe fruits to pour into
these eagerly waiting pages.

Copyright © 2015  S.L.Chast


Anjum Wasim Dar said...

we have to create these'tranquil spaces' from our hearts fill them with soft comforting words,calm silences' melodies that soothe the soul' and lead to tranquility...beautiful lines Dr Susan

Gillena Cox said...

Awesome Susan, the persona and companion clearly define their adventure, discovery and intention, And end in a happy place. A happily ended tryst
Thanks for your encouraging comment after reading mine

much love...

Carol Campbell said...

I love the idea of tranquil space! Very meditative piece!

Gail said...

Ahhhhhh. That was a much better curative than what I have been taking.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

This is absolutely beautiful... such wonderful lines.. especially "stamp ripe fruits to pour into
these eagerly waiting pages." Lovely :D :D

Peggy said...

Another well-penned tranquility poem. Some lovely images.

Gail said...

Gillena, I have not abandoned you. I read your wonderful creations but my comments are returned as deliverable. Thought I would give it a shot here.

Victoria said...

I also like your image of tranquil space.