13 December 2015

The Return

File:Curling bark of a paper birch.jpg

I swim backwards through history
to when humans knew trees by heart,
kinship and vari-colored skin.

I’m sycamore and birch along
fast winter streams. 
 My skin crackles
and papers off until I’m left

A mottled naked soul among
brown, gray and evergreen siblings—
trees I need and will never leave.

For Poets United 

Poetry Pantry #282

Copyright © 2015  S.L.Chast


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Back to when we knew the trees as Standing People. Wonderful, Susan!

Gail said...

This speaks to me.

Gillena Cox said...

we all hanker for some kind of permanence in our lives; ah but life is dynamic, we grown and learn

much love...

Sumana Roy said...

beautiful Susan..."trees I need.." should be the inner voice of the humans too....

brudberg said...

Oh I love the thought of thinking back to be a tree... :-)

Truedessa said...

Yes, when we once knew the names of trees and heard their voices. The white birch is a symbol of renewal with the shedding of skin.

Beautifully written

Sanaa Rizvi said...

This is soo beautiful! Love the thought of being closer to nature :D
Wonderfully done :D

Lots of love,

Jae Rose said...

Sometimes laying ourselves bare - peeling back the bark is tender and beautiful - not stark and cold...the former definitely shines in this beautiful poem

Mary said...

Enjoy the idea of swimming back through history! If only we could...and then make some changes along the way.

Wendy Bourke said...

Wonderful! There is such primal passion in these lines ... a peaceful transcendence is conferred upon the reader. A reverent, impactful piece. A powerful write!