17 April 2016

Haiku Essay*

Axt bib15.JPG
Book destruction under Stalin, artwork by Cornelius Hasselblatt

In the end I asked
for privilege again—
to finish my book.

And then you have me,
undivided, united
with Black Lives Matter.

I know that some don’t
have this choice, but also know
I have a leading.

How can I know now
if my words will encourage change?
They won’t impede it.

Truly, my leading
includes impressing on all
that the arts lead change:

When we can create
together, humanity
improves on itself;

When we can create
together, we overcome
our old history;

When we can create
together, we pay back
and reclaim wounded;

And when we create
together, we make a world
safe for all children.

For day 16 of National Poetry Month.  I am a day behind. 

*Note:  All April poem-a-day poems are rough drafts awaiting revision.

Copyright © 2016 Susan L. Chast


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wonderful! Wise and inspiring.

Kerry O'Connor said...

I liked the title immediately ( possibly because it struck me as something of an oxymoron). It is so important for the world to think of creating together rather than break down, or building barriers.