04 May 2016


The Leaves of Hermes Sacred Tree.jpg
The Leaves of Hermes’ Sacred Tree

If it is alchemy,
then arrangement
of phrase, motif and sound
will turn its dross
into assets, assets
into riches
and riches into worded
truths as if pearls
of wisdom raised from
ordinary sand.

But if not alchemy,
it’s playful tone,
inquisitive motif
and readiness for
surprising mysteries
might in themselves
be rare golden treasure
and faithfulness
enough to encounter

The way is secret
or there is no way,
but poets seek
alchemy anyway—
try formulas 
and conjure up new memes
to saturate
our creations with gold.

A  sonnet for my prompt 
Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Secrecy

My blog poems are rough drafts. 
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© 2016 Susan L. Chast


thotpurge said...

Great analogy..poetry is indeed alchemy of a special kind!

Old Egg said...

Somehow we must attempt to touch the reader in a way that they have never felt before, Strangely we may never know what it was for it may be secret even to us.

Jae Rose said...

The way is secret, or there is no way - i love that thought - perhaps true alchemists of words eventually settle on the latter...pure gold

Sumana Roy said...

I love this seeking...may it never end :)

Sanaa Rizvi said...

and riches into worded
truths as if pearls
of wisdom raised from
ordinary sand.

Such gorgeous lines Susan :D
Beautifully executed.

Lots of love,

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love "the way is secret, or there is no way". Very Rumi-esque. Smiles.I love the poets' attempts to "saturate our creations with gold". Yes, we hope for those golden moments.

Myrna R. said...

You poem is itself an example of how words can combine to create alchemy. They are lovely. I think even if the poet does not transform others, her/his poetry does transform the poet, secretly.

annell4 said...

Perhaps we each follow our own secret way...or no way at all, as you say.

Anmol (HA) said...

Ah! It's alchemy indeed. I like the manner of fact tone and the easy flow of the verse. Very well penned. :-)

Maude Lynn said...

"The way is secret
or there is no way"

I love that.

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

creating magic--could be a secret, but maybe it is better if it isn't? Beautiful write Susan!

Buddah Moskowitz said...

Exquisite and wise! Excellent!

Gillena Cox said...

The art of poesy holds secrets dear

Much love...

Carol Campbell said...

I love that poetry is alchemy and totally agree! Beautiful!

Truedessa said...

So many secrets to explore in the journey to understanding.

rallentanda said...

I love the idea of saturating our poems with gold...pouring ourselves into our work hoping to make a connection.

Unknown said...

Indeed I like the way you draw the poem to the center. Should the poem unveil or bind the secret?

Luk Lei said...

Alchemy's ultimate pursuit, The Philosopher's Stone and Elixir of Life was always a metaphor for introspection and self discovery, If I'm not mistaken. You may have crafted your own stone with this little gem.

kaykuala said...

or there is no way,
but poets seek
alchemy anyway

Poets will strive and improvise to find a way. Invariably they succeed as poets see beyond reality to explore for solutions. Rightly so Susan!


Hannah said...

I love the topic of alchemy...I recently binged on listening and reading as much as I could on the topic.

This portion:

"riches into worded
truths as if pearls
of wisdom raised from
ordinary sand."

Really captured me. Great poem, Susan and I've never seen this image...intriguing!

Your kitty looks so much like the mama cat to my cat that we rescued...her name is Luna now. :)

Panchali said...

Ah, alchemy indeed....magical power or process of transmuting a thought! Love it!

Amit Agarwal said...

'The way is secret
or there is no way...' how beautiful! Pure gold indeed!

Intelliblog said...

I enjoyed greatly this poem of yours, Susan. The extended metaphor worked well. Yes, poets with base words create golden verses (we hope!)...