15 June 2016

Romancing the Wind

Oilmill De Zoeker, paintmill De Kat and paltroksawmill De Gekroonde Poelenburg

A windmill draws me in,
though I have never been
close to one.  Like the moon,

its broad beams catch and throw

the sunlight and lift waves

of water to grind wheat

and sandstone.  I have sailed

the waters of Newport News

and North Lake and have felt

winds delight in pushing me

like a sheet away from sunset seas

at Point Reyes and Fort Funston

while standing on the ground

and not even hang gliding.

I’ve nestled in the arms

of sweet wind, bright balloon

travelling in its strange

restfulness, still and fast.

How can I not desire
wind energy, wind gifting,
wind lifting, wind humming
Around me forever?
Harnessing it doesn’t
trap it, wind remains free. 

Wind power generators in Spain, near an Osborne bull.

My blog poems are rough drafts. 
Please respect my copyright.

© 2016 Susan L. Chast


totomai said...

Windmills. I don't know but they always make me feel like a little child. I am in awe every time I see one. Wind energy - becoming a necessity in our present world. I like the ending of your poem, wind - natural or forced, is always free.

Jae Rose said...

Like windmills wind is indeed a steady, comforting movement..i vaguely remember a visit to a windmill in holland..the noise was memorable like a slow chug..having read your poem this is how time should perhaps be..savoured and measured

Anonymous said...

Harnessing it doesn't trap it... so true and such a metaphor for everything else!

Sanaa Rizvi said...

How can I not desire
wind energy, wind gifting,
wind lifting, wind humming
Around me forever?

Whistles!!! Such passion and precision in your lines, Susan :D
Beautifully executed.

Lots of love,

Unknown said...

man has been using wind for centuries. We have little control under its spell.

Sumana Roy said...

another alternative energy with goodwill...the last two lines say it all...

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Windmills are romantic to me, as the stories of my childhood.......I love your lines about not trapping the wind, it remains free. Free, clean energy and we are decades too slow in making use of it, and water power and solar energy. Sigh. I love seeing these wind energy farms popping up.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Isn't it wonderful to be attracted to something so powerful?

Luk Lei said...

I never understood the complaints about windmills, noisy or not they are beatiful, repetitious structures. When I see any I am transported back to my great grandfathers farm the defunct mill he had that used to pump ground water for the cows, though broken, it stil turned working as thought it still wanted to provide...in a way, much like he was in retirement.

Old Egg said...

Sadly in some places in the world (Australian included) some consider harnessing natural power from the wind, sun and water to be undesirable as not sufficient money can be made out of it. Too many think it is better to destroy the earth for short term gain than reduce the cost of electrical energy. One day perhaps...

Panchali said...

"How can I not desire
wind energy, wind gifting,
wind lifting, wind humming
Around me forever?" Wonderful, an ideal place to escape from busy daily routine. Lovely poem, Susan!

Unknown said...

Dear Susan,
I couldn't agree more with Sanaa and Panchali here. I loved those lines. Wind mills have this thing you know, they never seize to amaze me. Beautifully penned. :)


Anonymous said...

Wind indeed remains free.
I love the feeling of comfort in your words. It's stimulating; it's peaceful.

How wonderful it would be if we all resort to cleaner modes of energy! But that doesn't seem to be a likely prospect in the near future. Sad.


rudraprayaga said...


kaykuala said...

Harnessing it doesn’t
trap it, wind remains free

The wind ought to remain free that its energy can be harnessed for its strength to be utilized. Rightly so Susan!


Mary said...

Indeed harnessing wind energy does not trap it. It continues to be free....I support more and more of this wind energy.

rallentanda said...

Harnessing the wind and sun as renewable energy is the future. The new windmills are ugly but they do not have to be.

Hannah said...

"wind remains free" yes, I love that and your descriptions of the mill catching and moving sunlight as well as water. Beautiful.

Bekkie Sanchez said...

I have been to those places too Susan! I love to watch the windmills, old and new. I desire the wind too it's wonderful. Your poem made me feel free like the wind.