05 June 2016

Steps Six and Seven: There Are Truly Gifts Inside

Statue of Franciscan monk hitting a piñata
Acolman, Mexico State, photo by 

Give in!  Anger and Will won’t help us.  Now
we want to open up instead of fend
off, willingly.  No can-opener (so
useful to feeding ourselves) will help now.

There was a time and place for anger that
liberated us from fear and hate grown
in oppression, depression, self-pity
and other products of patriarchy.

Anger led to empowerment and we
re-formulated and proceeded to
footholds—despite supremacy—from which 
to minister freedom of thought and voice.

And now, it is our turn to burst out from
the armor that protected us, explode
the piñatas we became and proclaim
(and pray) I’m ready! Anger has had its day.

We break as willingly as we have fought—
more so, and with much more to gain or lose
by surrender than by fight and flight.  But how?
Applying less effort we have to learn.

Use me well, I lay down my arms, we pray.
I have much more power to give, we say.
Should I have done it all differently?
we ask, as we feel floor under our knees.

And Mercy lends us Grace, so we proceed
to stand again—broken, reset, slower,
with no regret—forgiving ourselves and
others the angers that helped us take a stand. 

Inspired by Richard Rohr's 


Part of my series Oh, Ye of Little Faith*

My blog poems are rough drafts. 
Please respect my copyright.

© 2016 Susan L. Chast


Sreeja said...

Pure wisdom.....great write...will keep coming back to read this more and more....

Sherry Blue Sky said...

That is the heart of mercy and grace - forgiving ourselves and others. Well said, Susan.