09 April 2018

About Humans Flowing

I have just become aware of this non-fiction film. 

Warning: It's worse than I have been able to imagine.

The words "Human Flow" sound undulant—
think of rivers and calm oceans—then tune in
to the true loss of home and country and safety.

The idea of humans flowing, the sound
of human flow is convoluted
and terror inducing.

Now what to do?  How to live?
All I own would not make a dent.
I insist on knowing the truth.  I pray. 

And prayer is less than a crease in care packages,
less than a small part of a recipe for easing the tragedy.
And googling the recipe for an answer gets me fund raisers and meetings.

To be effective, wise ones say, pick one issue to focus on,
and mine is spreading literacy and communication skills. 
I tutor and imagine students providing future solutions.

Yet, remaining a spectator of human misery and injustice
is impossible.  I write poems about these things, turning
inward and outward to make the invisible visible.

Is this a poem?

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