04 April 2018

The Beginnings of Faith

Morning, Looking East over the Hudson Valley from the Catskill Mountain
Morning, Looking East over the Hudson Valley . . . . by Frederic Edwin Church  (1848)

began like
sunrise, with
dark-delicate awakening
filtered through sky-wide mist 
so perfect it must have practiced before
today’s mystery play and yesterday’s.

Waking, I touch sunrise with forehead                         Hindsight
and hands while it caresses                                      sorts through
me (and an apple tree)                                   moments before awareness
with it’s golden                                               of holidays and landscapes—
spark.                                                          before Judaism and Ram Dass,  
                                                            before Wicca and Quakers, before shoulds
                                                                    and taboos—when wooded acres
                                                                           offered pines and moss
                                                                                to wonder, offered
                                                                                    dawn and

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There was a third verse I lopped off:  


why not

accept the presents?

Receive and return attention 
in an I-and-Thou relationship,
daily footbaths of gratitude.
Faith is both cause and 
effect, spiraling like air, 
flowing like blood,
enriching each

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© 2018 Susan L. Chast